To finish the room with an artistic touch the flooring has played a vital role for it. People can choose from a variety of options such as vinyl sheets, tiles, concrete, wood, granite, laminates, and more. Wooden flooring has come up to be on par with the smooth tiles and is considered a high-end fashion statement.

If you are unsure about wooden flooring, then it is time to see some features. As wooden flooring is available in many types, they have overcome the weakness of durability in high traffic areas. Wooden flooring is strong enough if properly maintained and will last for generations. Wooden flooring gives an aesthetic sense to a place differentiating it from other areas, these act as cushions and reduce the falling damage, and they also adsorb noise and are not affected easily by things falling on them.

When wooden flooring was introduced, they were made a part of just the reading area or library or the living room where people used to sit and relax, spread their legs, and take some time off their minds. Using the wooden flooring in kitchens and restrooms was considered wrong and a waste of money as it was thought that the wood would not be able to balance out the moisture of that specific area. Wooden flooring was also not to be used in areas of high traffic as it may give in due to pressure and bend or splinter.

Some people prefer to have wooden flooring in all rooms of their house which they can, but it might not be the look for all. You can always change the monotonous style and use a different type of wooden flooring according to their functionality and efficiency.

As we mentioned above wooden flooring can be used in all rooms of our homes such as the kitchen, restrooms, living area, decks, balconies and all this all was possible because of the customization of woods and different techniques through which we get purpose-based wooden flooring.

Kitchen & Mudroom: spills, stains, furniture dragging around, shoes, and kids are all a recipe for a fun but messy time. Hardwood is preferred for this by most people for its aesthetic choices, but it is also true that it might be affected by water but if taken proper precautions it will last, such as using mats or rugs in front of sinks or padding under the furniture.

Bathroom & Laundry as said before wooden flooring can be used but the chances of moisture disrupting it are high for this it is best to choose a mix of acrylic and wood flooring with proper varnish, so the moisture doesn’t seep in.

Family rooms: for these cozy areas solid wood and engineered wood have been the top choice as nothing else would live up to the comfort it offers.

Porch & sunroom: if your room is weatherproof proof then the option for choice is engineered wood rather than solid wood.

In the 21st century, wooden flooring has advanced and adapted according to the challenges offered and the needs of the people. With a diverse collection of wooden flooring now available they can be used in almost all the areas of our homes now.

Clare Louise