Why CCTV Plays an Important Role in Our Security?

Why CCTV Plays an Important Role in Our Security?

CCTV cameras are installed in places where there is a dire need to be monitored all the time, for example in banks, casinos, airports, military cantonments, high-end shops, etc.

Professional CCTV consists of both a photo camera and video cameras. Video cameras are analog or digital, this means that video cameras send analog and digital waves to a storage device such as a tape-recorder, desktop or laptop, computer, etc., and through these devices That video camera is operated. At the same time, digital photo cameras have the ability to take clear and clear photos under any circumstances, directly to them. The inventor of the CCTV camera was named Mary Van Brittan Brown. In today’s time, security needs to be taken seriously. Some people believe that only buildings connected to industry or business require protection, but tit’s not true

The function of CCTV

In today’s time, people are not safe even inside their homes due to a lack of monitoring. Incidents of theft and robbery are increasing day by day, in such a situation it has become very necessary to resort to CCTV security.

Therefore, the most popular and economical way to ensure safety in homes and workplaces is to install a CCTV cameras and equipment there. In recent years, CCTV cameras have been installed at high speed in the streets, stations, shops, and other public places.


Benefits of CCTV

The utility of CCTV cameras cannot be ignored. Smart CCTV Cameras have made our lives easier and safer, as they have taken on most of the safety of the public, vehicles, and buildings. Reducing crime is also a major utility of CCTV cameras. The public is always concerned about crimes. CCTV cameras are used to capture criminals while they are committing crimes. In this way, CCTV cameras also play an active role in preventing crime. There are also different categories of crimes like a crime against a person and victimless crime, violent crime, and white-collar crime, etc. A crime committed against a person is also called a personal offense.

For example, murder, assault, rape, and dacoity, etc. fall under the category of personal offense. Apart from this, victimless crime is a crime in which there is an absence of the person on whom the crime has been committed. This crime is usually committed against society through its own rules, values, beliefs, and conduct, etc.


According to research conducted on the utility of CCTV cameras, the cameras used for surveillance have benefited the most in the parking area. The use of Colour at night CCTV cameras has reduced crime rates by up to 51 percent.


The CCTV incident will prevent incidents and even if an incident happens, the culprit could be caught soon. The CCTV cameras that carried out the incident will be captured. If the surveillance is live with Smart Intruder Alarms CCTV cameras, then the police can control the situation before it can cause a lot of disturbance, before the inauspicious incident takes place.


Bonnie Baldwin