Why Choose a Hotel Honeymoon?

Why Choose a Hotel Honeymoon?

When planning your wedding and honeymoon, you are spoiled for choice over the many types of honeymoon that you can choose from. You can have an adventure honeymoon where you live in a cabin in the woods and hike mountains during the day or an Airbnb honeymoon to save money or you can choose the traditional hotel honeymoon among others.

In this article, I will explain to you why a hotel honeymoon is the best choice.

Room upgrade

When we pay for a hotel room, it comes with standard amenities. Fortunately, when you get to a hotel for your honeymoon, you can inform them that you are there for your honeymoon and request for an upgrade.

Depending on availability, many hotels are willing to oblige to a room upgrade request. For no extra charge, you can get to enjoy a suite with a much better view and more space. This will go a long way in making your honeymoon period memorable.

High quality service

For most people, honeymoon is meant for rest and spending intimate time with their partners. A hotel honeymoon will make this possible.

For example, at the Ayana hotel honeymoon Bali, honeymooners get an exclusive and private villa to themselves. Each villa has its own swimming pool that overlooks the Indian Ocean. Here, you can spend the day indoors as you can just make a call and everything you need is catered to.

Luxurious accommodation

Hotels offer high level luxury accommodation. The rooms in hotels, especially for honeymooners are intricately decorated with art and built to superior specifications.

When it comes to food. Hotels offer a menu with an array of dishes that are sumptuously prepared by professional chefs and served by highly trained staff. 

Hotel honeymoons are a great value for money and great memories.

Unique activities

The Ayana hotels for example, have various activities for honeymoon couples. You can get a Thai professional massage in the comfort of your villa during your honeymoon. This massage is a traditional therapy that leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.

You can enjoy a private stroll and meal on the private white sandy beach or watch the sunset from their uniquely built and locate Rock Bar.

Further, you can take a three-day cruise on their unique sailing boat to see other nature’s wonders such as the Komodo Dragons, the pink colored beach and to hike an island. You also get to dive snorkel in the see and interact with rare sea creatures.

Great views

For the adventurous and outdoorsy, great views means hiking up a hill mountain to have a panoramic view of the rest of the world below you.

For a hotel honeymoon, a great view is when you get into your room and all you can see is the expansive beach, ocean or wildlife or an expansive savanna.

Many hotels take pride in their locations for the great views their guests can enjoy. Honeymoon suites offer great views that will help remind them of their special period.

Better rest

You cannot enjoy the company of other people especially your recently married to partner when you are tired. Hotels offer facilities that guarantee that you get the rest you deserve. Hotels have high quality large beds with soft and sturdy mattresses that ensure that you can sleep and rest effectively.

The rooms are temperature controlled or you can do it by yourself to get to sleep and rest at your favorable conditions. You have complementary insect repellents to ensure that you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

With super thick curtains, light does not penetrate to your room early in the morning when you need to sleep in after a long night or day of travel.


Hotel honeymoons have been tried and tested over time. As business enterprises, hotels are competing for customers and therefore go out of their way to please honeymooning couples to turn them into lifetime customers who will remember their honeymoon location every time they want to celebrate.


Edward Powell