Why Does The Cost Of Procuring Crime Scene Cleanup Services Denver Colorado Vary Significantly?

Why Does The Cost Of Procuring Crime Scene Cleanup Services Denver Colorado Vary Significantly?

Rendering crime scene cleanup services Denver Colorado isn’t usually a straightforward job that just involves disinfection and cleaning. On the contrary, the particular services rendered are dependent on the type of crime scenes that the cleaners are dealing with and the sort of crime that took place there.

To buttress, imagine two scenes, scene A and scene B. Scene A housed a fresh corpse that was discovered within minutes of the victim’s death, and scene B housed a corpse that was already in its second stage of decomposition. Further, let us assume that the victims in both scenes committed suicides by poisoning and were in their bedrooms that were in the upper floor of their one-story buildings at the time of their acts. Given these assumptions, these are the crime scene cleanup services Denver Colorado that would be needed for each scene.

For Scene A

Since it’s a case of suicide poisoning, and the body was almost immediately discovered, there might not even be a need to call for professional crime scene cleaners after the authorities remove the body. Some families however might still require crime scene cleaners to come in and do some basic cleanups. This cleanup would usually only entail clearing up the drugs remnant (if any), then do a general cleanup of just the room and in the process remove all indications of the ugly event so that family members might not stumble upon any trigger later in the future. These are very simple crime scene cleanup services Denver Colorado that wouldn’t require lot of hours or man power and thus would be relatively cheap to procure.

For Scene B

Although it is the same case of suicide poisoning, the cleanup process in this case would be completely different. For a corpse to be in decomposition stage before it is discovered means that the crime scene is completely contaminated. The first thing one would notice is the smell even before reaching the scene. There would almost certainly also be the presence of rodents and other small animals or evidences of their activities on and beyond the scene. The insects also, flying and crawling, wouldn’t be left out. With these, droppings are sure to be present on scene. The fluids that would have also escaped the corpse after rigor mortis and bloating stages would also have seeped into the floors and walls surrounding the corpse and even beyond.

For the above scene, the cleanup companies would need to extensively clean up the scene and its surroundings, disinfect it, deodorize it and most probably do some structural adjustment which might entail tearing up floor boards and drywalls just to make sure that the cleanup process is total and thorough and thus the scene is safe again for habitation both now and in the future.

For scene B, there would be the need to employ the use of industry grade disinfectant and deodorizers, and the use of fogging machines in order to get the putrid smell of death out of the crime scene and its surroundings.

Thus, it goes without saying that the cost of procuring crime scene cleanup services Denver Colorado for scene B would be significantly greater than that of scene A.


David Lockhart