Why Hiring a Business Attorney is Important

Why Hiring a Business Attorney is Important

If you are thinking about starting your own small business, then the very first thing you should do is hire a business attorney. Let’s say for example that you live in Ogden, Utah, and want to start a new snow removal business. Before you even look at an office to rent or buy, call your local business attorney and the rest of the process will be as smooth as butter. Below are a few reasons why hiring a business attorney is so important.

Find the Right Business Structure

It is important to choose the right business structure for your company. If you don’t structure correctly, you could end up with unneeded legal problems down the line. Partnerships and sole proprietorships will expose you to greater liability than an LLC or s and c corporation. Hire a business attorney to help you assess your business, understand tax obligations and establish costs so that you can choose the best business structure.

Help Prevent Lawsuits

A business attorney can help reduce your company’s exposure to lawsuits, including those involving employment. A business attorney can help your company comply with federal and state employment laws. Avoiding lawsuits before they occur will save you countless headaches later.

Contract Drafting

To ensure that all business contracts are properly documented, a business attorney should review them. Are you unsure if a transaction needs a contract? A business attorney can help you get clarity and ensure that a quality contract has been produced.

Help With Real Estate and Leasing

Unless you are a sole proprietor of your business, you may need to open an office, warehouse, or other commercial space. A business attorney will review all terms and conditions, whether you are buying or leasing space.

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