Why Install Stadium & Event Parking Payment Kiosks?

Why Install Stadium & Event Parking Payment Kiosks?

Big events and places that require lots of vehicles in one place are a chance for organizers to make some extra money off the parking tickets. What’s more important, an event without proper organization and parking management would turn into chaos.

A huge amount of vehicles that are all trying to park at the same moment require a vast amount of management. It will take dozens of employees to control all that chaos. This is problematic on many different levels.

One of the most important issues that concern employers is that all these people need to be paid on a monthly level no matter how much they actually worked. This is problematic because it may turn that more money is wasted on salaries instead of making revenues that will give profits for the company.

Another thing is that people can often get sick, take leaves, quit, work poorly, and these things can leave a bad impression for the visitors or simply make the organization harder to manage. See more about employee management here.

There is a much simpler solution though, it’s called parking payment kiosks and kiosks that can do much more than just receiving money and handing out tickets.

Why replacing human labor with machines?

As we said, people are expensive. The average pay for a cashier is around $3000 per month. When there’s a huge event it takes more than 10 of them, so it means you need to have at least $30.000 per month just on salaries.

Replacing people with machines is the best thing a company can do for its business. Of course, no matter how much technology has advanced, there are some things that machines still can’t do. Luckily for the companies working in the parking business, most of the tasks that these employees should do are easily disposable. They are no longer needed.

A standard payment kiosk can be highly beneficial for this need. Once you pay the kiosk, all you need to do is have a person that will manage them. The rest of the work is done by them. They don’t use anything special except electricity. You have absolutely no expenses.

That means you save all these 30k on salaries. A year means saving $360.000. That’s not something you can ignore, right? It’s clear that implementing smart systems and proper software is not just needed, but essential for every business today.

The machines have almost no expenses. The implementation is done once and then you can completely forget about them until regular maintenance is needed. They’ll do all the work, and you can just watch how they work and enjoy it.

What exactly a payment kiosk can do?

The stadium & event parking payment kiosks are not just a metal case with openings for money and tickets. They might have been like this in the past, but today, the situation is much different.

Today, they are equipped with technology that is powered by systems who can do much more than this. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning made a huge difference in the business with parking management.

Depending on what you need, what you want, and what you are prepared to pay for, the companies creating and selling these machines can give you quite an exciting show for your visitors before they enter the stadium and see the real show.

Kiosks with super modern screens and information about everything happening on the parking are now available. Not just that – depending on what you’re going to program the software, you can show the visitors so much information about handling the situation easier.

The information available now can lead the vehicles to the nearest empty lot, give information about how many lots are available, and so many other things. However, the most important feature is that they are now able to provide cashless and no card payment.

How? Through the internet, of course. The visitors will download an app on their smartphones and will easily exit without taking care about having change, what their credit card balance is and whether another card is needed, did they forget the money at home or someone stole their wallet. None of this is important because everything’s happening automatically and through the internet. See more about apps here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/betsyatkins/2019/09/03/are-super-apps-the-future/#570465f6fd54.

As the vehicle approaches the kiosk, the software’s cameras and scanners see the balance, time spent, and every valuable information. The barrier will automatically lift as you approach without the need to stop and spend time, making a jam, and all the other negative aspects of using huge public parking places.

What’s the best thing about it?

The best thing about it, without a doubt, is the option to pay for the service without stopping and physically paying for the service. The option still stands for those that are not going to have the app installed, of course.

This option will cut the waiting time in big events and stadium jams to a lot less time than before. If management convinces everyone to use the apps, then going to stadiums won’t be a disastrous experience until you find parking and get inside the arena.

If you take into consideration all the other available features, and especially those that await for us in the future because technology is still not developed to the level we want it to be, then you can be sure that going to the stadium is not scary anymore.


As you can see, modern technological solutions are here for us. If we accept their benefits, we will live in a society that is much better in every sense. Going to the stadium or an event where lots of vehicles are going to be present can be stressful and annoying. A lot of people refuse to go, just because of this fact.

The new payment technologies can make a huge difference. Implementing this option will save time, money, and at the same time, it will provide a much better user experience for the customers.

Edward Powell