Why Invest in Glass Lifting Equipment?

Why Invest in Glass Lifting Equipment?

If you’re in the glazing business, you’re probably used to man handling large panes of glass into position prior to installation. This is often the simplest and cheapest approach, so why would anyone consider investing in glass lifting equipment?

This article looks at alternative options for lifting glass with bare hands and the reasons you might choose to invest in such equipment.

Option 1 – Handheld Suction Lifters

Most glazing firms already use handheld suction cups. These are a simple device for handling glass and other materials. They are often inexpensive, coming in single or double cup varieties. Depending on the size of the glass units, you might choose to use more than one of these devices.

Triple cup suction lifters are also available. These are a heavy-duty alternative to single and double cup devices. They are intended for use on larger panes of glass, but you should never lift more than the recommended capacity of the device.

You will often see several suction cup lifters in use on large panes of glass. This allows several people to man handle the glazing unit into position.

In short, handheld suction cup lifters are an invaluable tool. They make the man handling of glass much easier, giving the worker access to a large handle they can easily grab hold of. This reduces the need for workers to grab panes of glass from the sides, which can result in cuts to hands. Of course, workers should always wear protective glazing safety gloves to further reduce the possibility of cuts.

Option 2 – Glazing Robots

Automated glass lifting equipment is another alternative. This involves the use of machines known as glazing robots which can almost eliminate the need for workers to lift panes of glass by hand. There are many makes and models available which are used by professional firms all over the world. A company called CPS Lift offer a range of glazing robots from the Smart Lift brand in the UK.

A glazing robot is essentially an automated tool with a telescopic arm and a header with various suction cups attached. These work in a similar way to handheld suction cups, but do not require worker intervention.

Glazing robots can handle all the lifting of the installation process. You can use them to grab panes of glass from the side of a van and transport them to the site of the installation. Some can then extend to reach different levels of a building. This means workers are no longer subject to the man handling of glass which can help to reduce the potential for injury. They offer all the safety benefits of handheld suction cups, with the added bonus of reducing the potential for back injury, falling with the unit, and other site safety concerns.

The great thing about glass robots is the fact they not only help to improve worker safety, but they can also help to speed up installation. If you are glazing a large house or commercial building, a robot can help speed up installation.


Whenever the lifting of glass is concerned, safety is an issue. Workers should always have access to basic safety equipment such as protective glazing gloves and handheld suction cups. Where budget allows, glazing robots are an additional tool that can be used to further improve safety whilst increasing worker efficiency.

Nicholas Jansen