Why is My Sewer Backed Up? 3 Common Culprits

Why is My Sewer Backed Up? 3 Common Culprits

If your sewer gets backed up at your residential or commercial property, you’ll likely be the recipient of several ‘notifications’ from the system that there is a problem.

Foul smells and non-functional plumbing being the most common signs of sewer backups. Here are three common reasons sewers get clogged along with some preventive measures.

1. Collapsed or Broken Underground Sewer Lines

Neither of these scenarios are ones you actually want to be the underlying culprit, as many of these plumbing situations can be time-consuming and costly to reconcile.

Furthermore, there may the issue of property that utilizes city or public sewer lines that require attention from other entities such as a local utility agency.

Once a sewer line collapses or breaks, there will typically be an extreme or total loss of water pressure, ponding water near the compromised lines and a telltale sewage smell.

2. Clogs in Sewer Line or Drainpipes

Those clogs in drainpipes ultimately end up in sewer lines, which can also become clogged and cause backups in and around the home.

If just one toilet or sink is problematic, that can be a drain clog, but if more than one fixture in multiple rooms is causing issues, there’s probably a blockage in the main sewer line that requires attention.

Common sources of these problems include flushing sanitary napkins, facial tissue, excessive toilet paper in excess down toilets and the improper use of garbage disposals.

3. Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause sewer backups, even if you don’t have trees immediately near the property’s sewer lines. Roots from trees in neighboring lots can reach far and wide and impede on your system clandestinely.

These underground branches can literally grow into the pipes to cause blockages or wrap around them resulting in them breaking or crushing.

It’s important to remember that dealing with sewer backups is a complex and dangerous process that should be left up to highly experienced plumbing experts who can properly diagnose issues and offer resolutions for your system.

Edward Powell