Why should I invest in Virginia SEO?

Why should I invest in Virginia SEO?

Virginia SEO is not a quick money-making process that you can use once and it will work forever. SEO is a marketing technique that requires regular investment to stay on top of Google’s latest algorithm updates. So, when you’re comparing SEO to other forms of marketing, compare the SEO techniques (including SEO for local businesses) to the things like social media ads or Google Shopping. SEO has more long-term benefits such as building your brand online by providing quality content to the website visitor. The SEO expert understands how important it is for your business’ presence online and they know what it takes to get results.

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As an example: If you go directly into Google Shopping, you will get immediate results, however, once you lower or stop your ad spend, your sales will evaporate instantly.   SEO works in a more gradual way. SEO gives you long-term benefits, SEO builds and is maintained for the long term. SEO will keep traffic on your website over time as opposed to Google Shopping that offers immediate results, but once you stop spending money with them the traffic stops immediately.

The SEO experts know how important it is for your business’ presence online and they know what it takes to get results. So, choosing SEO marketing vs other kinds of marketing … SEO gives you long-term benefits SEO is built and maintained for the long term to maximize ROI through steady growth SEO shows organic rankings consistently (on page one of Google) SEO offers strong metrics that can be measured Social Media Ads are only good at boosting brand awareness and have a low conversion rate because the audience has less intent.   SEO strategies are powerful when SEO content has a high conversion rate, where SEO can be used to convert prospects into buyers. SEO is a long-term investment SEO marketing will take some time before you start seeing ROI The SEO experts know that SEO takes more than just uploading your website to the search engines and hoping for the best. SEO requires work and research but it’s worth it because of its long-term benefits.

In any given week I get inquiries from clients asking if they should invest in SEO vs Social Media Ads or Google Shopping. It seems these days everyone wants instant results, with immediate gratification and no hard work required but today I’m here to tell you why you should invest in SEO.

It is very important these days for websites to be on Page 1 of Google. I have been in the web business since 1998, so I’m telling you from experience that it’s not enough just to have a website and expect people to find you. Social Media is fine but your website needs some help. Social Media is more about branding and advertising whereas SEO will get you on page 1 of Google and other search engines so customers can find you instead of having to go through Social Media.

You need Social Media Ads because they are an entirely different way of promoting your business besides Google Ads but since more often than not social media users are not actively looking for your product or service, they will convert at a much lower rate.   Social Media is best for branding whereas Social Media Ads are about getting you leads in your mailbox. Social media ads should be used to complement SEO and not as a stand-alone marketing strategy.

Social Media Ads can help with brand awareness but not necessarily revenue generation, Social Media Ads are more effective for home-based businesses where small orders are usually made and Social Media gets the word out there better than Google since Google doesn’t have full access to Social Media data it only has what’s available on Google.

SEO helps you rank higher on search engines so that your customers will see your site before they click away to someone else’s website or Social Media page. Social media is great for branding whereas SEO gets you traffic directly and sustainably.  Once you capture a keyword, you will likely remain in that position for a long time.   Social Media is harder to maintain and Social Media ads are more costly. Social Media can be good for branding whereby SEO helps you rank higher in search engines so that your customers can find you before they click away to someone else’s Social Media page or website. Social media is great for branding whereas SEO gets you traffic directly and sustainably.

Clare Louise