Why Using A PDF File Is Easier

Why Using A PDF File Is Easier

PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the most used file formats today. It has been extensively adopted by every industry in sharing their reports or conducting their meetings. 

For example, if you ask a company executive to send you a brochure, they will be sending you the same in a PDF format. In fact, most of the files that are sent to you only for reading purposes are shared in PDFs. The only times a file is shared with you in a Word document, Excel sheet, or PowerPoint presentation is when your input is required in editing a section. 

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of using a PDF file instead of the other formats. 

It can be transported securely

As quite evident from its name, one of the greatest features this filetype offers is seamless portability. When it comes to a Word document or any other format, you might be prompted that some fonts are missing or some images are unsupported. 

If you share a Word file with a client, they might erase the content by mistake, but when it comes to a PDF file, it offers full security. Neither will any of the fonts be missing, nor will any image be unsupported. 

Hence, you can transfer a PDF file without wondering if the content will be accessible to the recipient. 

It is supported by every operating system 

Be it a phone or a laptop, chances are it will already come with an installed PDF reader. In 2008, it was declared as an open standard; therefore, it is a universally compatible format. 

Apart from that, every browser also supports a PDF, and that is why a new tab opens up on your computer or laptop, displaying a preview of your downloaded file in a PDF format. 

You can export any file as a PDF

You can convert a PDF to Word and vice versa whenever you want with the help of a converting app or website. In fact, when you are working in Microsoft Word or even Google Docs, it will show you several options as to which format you would prefer your downloaded file to be in. Needless to say, PDF tops the list. 

It offers confidentiality

Another exclusive feature offered by a PDF file is that it lets you protect the content with a password. This is why it is preferred by companies all over the world while sharing confidential reports with their clients or employees. 

It allows you to annotate 

Every PDF allows you to annotate within itself. You can choose from several colors to highlight, strikethrough, or even add a comment. All you have to do is find a reliable PDF editor, and you can make as many changes to the text as you want. This comes in handy when a team leader wants to share feedback with their employees, or a client sends you notes on your work.

Edward Powell