Why Utilize Cable Protectors?

Why Utilize Cable Protectors?
  • Protect your cords, cable, as well as hose lines from pedestrian traffic, vehicle as well as durable equipment motion.
  • Perfect for events, conventions centers, construction sites, as well as any kind of occasion or center
  • Cost-effective service assists stop damage triggered by cord vibration, contact with other warmth generating tools, or just from tripping
  • Improve ease of access

A cable protector is provided in a range of sizes, materials, and colors to suit all types of applications.

What to Think About?

Dimension: How many cables do you wish to safeguard?

Safeguard 5 cords utilizing the same guard. Each port is called a “Network”.

What Do You need to Recognize?

Know the total size of your cable. Make sure that your cords will suit the cable protector by selecting the appropriate channel size, as well as elevation.

General Guideline to Keep in Mind?

Keep in mind that as the variety of networks on the guard reduces, the network elevation will enhance.

The Ability of Loads: What will be crossing over the cord guard?

With abilities as much as 800,000 pounds per axle, the weight that an automobile will place on cord guards as they drive over them, cord guards can hold up against countless extra pounds and sustain constant impact.

Durable cable protectors are optimal for automobiles or carrying vehicles as well as light-duty wire protectors are best for light to hefty pedestrian strolling, light business, and utility applications.

Connector Type: Interlocking style for easy setup as well as disassemble

Connect several devices together to produce your wanted length.



  • Durable to basic objective applications
  • Perfect for heavy-duty tools and high quantity traffic
  • Oil gas, construction, mining, military, manufacturing, amusement, as well as material handling
  • Lightweight as well as more durable
  • Stand up to extreme weather


Universal safety colors are offered for all kinds of traffic. High presence colors consist of: yellow, black, orange, as well as blue.

Paul Petersen