Winter or Summer Fly Screen Protects Family in All Season

Winter or Summer Fly Screen Protects Family in All Season

We all are tired of bugs, insects, roaches, lizards, mosquitoes, ants, etc. during summers and humid climate. They are active in warm weather. We all know winter is the hibernating period for insects and animals. However, what if some of the insects also bother during winter? 

Nowadays, technology is advanced and so even in cold snowy months, you get the benefit of 24 hours heated buildings to stay in. Whether it is condominiums, factories, shops, restaurants, hospitals, offices, they all are adjusted compared to the outside weather. It is natural for insects like mosquitoes and flies to stay in these buildings and refuse to move out during winter. (I sound as if they’re tenants). It is a natural process because if the insects will not get a signal that winter is approaching, they’ll not hibernate.

Therefore, they keep strolling as long as they get warmth. There are various ways of keeping them out of your place. People use insect spray or repellents to get rid of these flies. However, keeping doors and windows closed will also block fresh air. You may keep windows closed, but every time you will have to open the main door when you go out or someone enters the house. Therefore, the only way of dealing with them in an eco-friendly manner is by installing a fly screen on doors and windows. 

Premier Screens is a UK based company that has been in business for the last 25 years. They supply and install the best quality fly screens and insect screens for residential and businesses. All their screens are made from aluminium and then finished with a polyester coating, which increases its durability. They also customize according to customer’s requests with high-quality service and expertise. 

Benefits of Fly Screen 

Installing a fly screen will help in several ways –

Less Suffocating

Whether it is winter or summer we all want fresh air to breathe. Even when it is snowing outside, we want to feel the cool breeze. How sad will it be if we can’t feel the first snow? When you install a fly screen it only blocks the insects, but allows fresh air to come in. So, whether it is raining, sunny or snowing, you can enjoy all weather. 


If you keep all doors and windows closed, it becomes humid in summers and suffocating in winters. Unfortunately, during summer, you have to switch on fans or air conditioners which increase the electricity bill. If you open doors and windows then insects will fly in and you’ll have to contact the pest or insect control department to get rid of them. After installing fly and insect screens at home you can save money by switching off fans and air conditioners early morning. It is as simple as that. 

Health Benefit 

Using fly screen allows fresh air to enter the house. When you and your family breathe fresh air, you’re becoming healthier. It is an opportunity to enjoy nature in daily life. Fresh air and sunlight also reduce the chances of dampness inside the house, which further reduces the chances of fungi, germs, allergens, and bacteria. Air circulation also removes bad odour that arises due to sweat and closed room.

They increase the appearance of your house as anyone sitting beside the window can see nature outside. Fly screen helps to protect your pets from jumping out keeps family secured from theft and burglary, and also blocks unwanted insects.

David Lockhart