Work rehabilitation and the role of occupational therapy

Work rehabilitation and the role of occupational therapy

Work rehabilitation is an umbrella term that encompasses many tools and methods addressing different aspects. It simplifies and encourages active participation in the assigned task and ensures the successful accomplishment of the job. Work rehabilitation aims to help employees to return to the work after any illness and injury and prevent occurrences of any such incidences in the future. It boosts your zeal and passion for the work post-recovery. The rehab management services in Brisbane provide comprehensive support and guidance to bring you back to the work with full efficiency and satisfactorily complete your assignments. This article provides insight into work rehab and occupational therapy.


  • Who works rehabilitation is for?


The concept of work rehab fundamentally deals with boosting your performance in general or after injury or illness. If you are finding difficulty in coping up with your work or have lost the desire to return to work after a considerably long recovery period, work rehab can prove a blessing for you. It pushes your confidence up and purges any negative thoughts in your mind regarding work.


  • Role of occupational therapy


Occupational therapy is a scientific concept that is offered by specially trained and educated professionals. These people evaluate your performance, capacity, and environment and its effect on yours. With this knowledge, they assess your work and the overall atmosphere of the organization. They identify the factors which are supportive of the success and which are going against it. They develop a plan to address any hindrance and boost the supporting elements to build a positive and profitable working environment. The assessment results are discussed among individuals, top management, and therapist to increase the throughput of the business. These plans are tailored for your specific industry and individual employee if needed.


  • Area-specific role of occupational therapy in work rehabilitation


Occupation therapy brings the employees, therapists, and health professions on the same platform. They discuss and prepare an intervention plan that can take the business forward. These plans have a common goal but are designed for a different facet of the business operations. 

  • Illness and injury management

Injuries and illness can drop the working capacity of an employee. This creates a gap between the job’s demand and the employee’s delivery. By analyzing the present condition and previous occurrences the therapist draws a plan to bridge the gap.

  • Restoring work performance

When you join after a long leave due to poor health, rehab plans are made to meet your individual needs and restore your working capacity.

  • Work hardening

This is a compound term that includes job coaching, ergonomic assessment, and psychological counseling. All the services are aimed at enhancing your workability and make you capable of giving your one hundred percent.

  • Evaluation of functional capacity

Evaluation of functional capacity includes standard procedures for advanced validation testing. The therapist would establish job safety needs for your return, find accommodation for you, and recommend intervention plans in the future.

  • Building a favorable work environment

The occupational therapist also works with employers to improve the workplace for better function. They make a recommendation for the necessary changes like lowering lights, eliminate distractions, and modifying your workplace to adjust with your physical and mental needs.

  • Makes work transitions smooth

This part of rehab is an on-site process. It is conducted in a real work environment. The therapist studies the job assigned to you and your condition to determine the tasks you can do safely.

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