World Map Wall Art – A Unique Wall Decor 

World Map Wall Art – A Unique Wall Decor 

Hanging world map wall art Australia on the wall does not necessarily mean that you are a geography buff. World maps can be particularly appealing especially when made from a different time in history. There are ancient maps of the world that are good vintage wall art pieces. 

World map art to decorate your walls

  • World maps are often used in schools to teach children about the world, countries and cities. A world map wall art hanging on your wall can help you track your past and future travels. A world map made from wood and slightly raised off the wall would be very interesting and can add dimension and warmth to the empty space. 
  • You can create a geometric world map from wire that will allow you to display your travel photos and treasures from your sojourns in different places around the world. This type of map art will help personalize home decor. 
  • You can keep track of all your past and future travels through a cork board map. You can use pins to mark your travels and display the photos and keepsakes that you have collected. 
  • The kids will be inspired to learn more about the world by using a fun world map. You can attach pictures of animals that are associated with each country or continent and flowers which are popular in each region. 
  • A simple gallery of minimalistic world maps in smaller prints will add a decorative look to your walls. It will show your appreciation for travel without the need to sacrifice your preference for simplicity. 

The more you travel to other countries, the more will be your appreciation for world map wall art Australia. Aside from world maps, you can also decorate the walls with ancient maps of cities or streets. These are ancient maps from the early days of cartography like the Babylonian world map that was created on clay tablets sometime around 600 B.C. 

Ptolemy’s 8-volume textbook included some of the very first world maps that used mathematical principles. Even with few errors, the maps were considered remarkable in breadth and detail.  Although none of the maps have survived, there are medieval reconstructions of some of Ptolemy’s maps. 

The Peutinger map was used as a guide to Rome’s transportation network. The oddly shaped map measured 22 feet long and one foot wide but it was able to depict more than 60,000 miles of Roman roads. There is a version of the map that exists today from a 13th century copy. 

China’s Da Ming Hun Yi Tu is one of the earliest surviving maps that spans the entire Eurasian continent from Japan to the Atlantic Ocean. The map which was drawn on silk is an ideal subject for a canvas print. 

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