Your complete guide to creating a website from scratch

Your complete guide to creating a website from scratch

As you are looking for a way to create a website and want to know more about this, you are in the right place. This is a complete guide to the steps and stages of establishing a website from the beginning until the site is run optimally.

Here you will learn the details of buying a domain or a domain for the site, hosting it to operate your site, how to get free domain and hosting, in addition to the stages of designing, operating and managing the site.

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Why do you want to create a website?

As with everything in the lives of any of us, there must be a goal for what you do, and so does the website. The importance of knowing the purpose behind which you want to create a website that plays an important role in every step and stage of the site’s creation.

Your complete guide to creating a website from scratch

In the event that you want to establish a website in the form of an online store, things like naming, domain and hosting differ from the situation in which you want to create a site as a personal blog.

Likewise, if you strive to build a large site that thousands visit every day, you will need more capabilities and benefits than it is when building a small site. Much has been measured on this, such as setting up a website for a company or institution, an electronic magazine or a site to download large files, or a platform for visitors to interact with each other.

Each of these categories will require advantages and capabilities that differ from another site, so it is necessary to know the goal that you want from behind the establishment of the site, and then work in the following steps to suit your goal.

First: domain – domain – link – website name

All of them are labels for one thing which is the address through which people will know your website, and therefore they can visit, open and browse your site and see the content in it, every website needs an exclusive exclusive domain. This means that in the whole world you will not find two sites with the same domain, but rather a difference.

The domain for this website that you read the article is, and for every domain that starts with www and then the name of your site that you want, and then the suffix, and the latter can differ according to what you want even if most of the sites are after it .com

Domain – domain – link – website name

The most common suffixes for domains are as follows:

.com, and it can be for regular sites, corporate sites, and institutions. It can also be for personal blogs.

.net These are usually suffixes owned by organizations and large entities such as TV networks and multinationals.

.gov This suffix is ​​for tracking sites owned by government agencies exclusively in any country, and once you see a site that ends with this suffix, this means that the site is governmental.

.me This suffix is ​​usually for personal websites and microblogging that are owned by one person, but its use has become very limited in recent years because even personal websites and microblogging are starting to create their domain with a .com suffix.

There are other, less frequently used suffixes, such as suffixes that contain the first two letters of a country name, which means that this site is national to that country. There are suffixes including co and other low-use suffixes.

Domain purchase

When creating a site, you will need a domain name, preferably the domain that contains the site name directly. Our website, for example, is called “your magazine”, and the domain is Magltk directly.

Sometimes, but often the name you chose will not be available as a domain or domain name, meaning that there is another person who bought this domain, and here you must choose another name, or try to manipulate the letters.

You can imagine, for example, when we decided to create this site we decided to call it your magazine and write it English is Mgltk, but we found that the name with these letters is not available so we added the letter a after m and we found the name available, so you can manipulate the letters in this way until you reach the name of the domain available and appropriate for the name of your site as you want.

There are a lot of agencies that sell domains and you can buy one of them for a small amount, but before purchasing the domain you must make sure that the name is available as you want, any platform that sells the domains provides service to ensure if the domain is available.

You can use this site to make sure the domain you want is available or not. And you can book the domain by means of it. Domain – domain – link – website name

In the image above I searched for the domain and the domain was already available for $ 9. And you can get a domain at a price lower than that, some companies get to make offers to get the domain from them by $ 1, or you can search for discount coupons for some companies that sell the domains and get a range at a very low price.

Of course, you reserve the domain because it will be for a specific period of one or several years depending on what you choose and you will have to renew it when this period has elapsed, and you cannot purchase a domain for life, but you can renew it continuously for whatever expires.

Free domains

You can get a domain or domain for free from one of the services that offers it, the most famous of which are Blogger from Google, WordPress, and some other less well known platforms like wix.

But the disadvantage in these domains is that it will not be yours as well as the paid domains, and the suffix that ends with it will be the name of the company or platform that provided the domain, as Dominic will end in the suffix in the case of Google or in the case of WordPress , So most would prefer this type of free domain.

Second: hosting or host

Hosting or host

When creating a website It doesn’t end with just buying the domain, you will need hosting or a host. Two names for one thing, which is the server that your site will have to connect to the Internet.

Let me simplify it further to you, suppose you took a picture of your child, and you want to send the image to your friend who is in Cairo, while you are in Damascus, in this case you will need an internet-connected program to send the image, and most likely it will be WhatsApp, here you used WhatsApp so your friend can view the image And see it.

Likewise, when you want to create a website, you will need a server (which is the WhatsApp application in the previous example) in order for others to be able to view your site’s content and see it. This server is where we mean host or hosting.

You can purchase hosting as previously and I bought the domain and most of the sites that sell domains sell hosts, except that the difference in the many and different types of hosts available, as each hosting has different capabilities and advantages from the other.

If you want to create a site with regular capabilities, such as a blog or a personal site, or even a regular site for written content, you will not need hosting with great capabilities but rather a regular one that will do the trick. As for if you are going to establish a large website, you will most likely need the type of hosting with good capabilities.

There are bad hosts that affect the site in terms of speed and its ability to withstand large numbers of visitors, and some of them may lead to the site crashing from time to time, so in case you do not have sufficient experience in hosting and its forms, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of another person who has experience in This topic helps you to choose the suitable hosting for your website.

You can inquire about this topic in the comments below this article if you want any additional details, and we will try to help and guide you as possible.

Free hosting

You can also get free hosting, just as with free domain, platforms that offer free domain or domain also offer free hosting. You can get free hosting from popular platforms like Google’s Blogger, or from the WordPress platform we just talked about.

Now definitely you wonder if you can get free hosting, why should you buy a paid one?

Legitimate question. Free hosting does not rise to the level of paid hosting in terms of features and capabilities and what it provides services, add to that in the case of free hosting your site remains subject to the platforms hosting the site, this means they can close your site, for example, or delete it at any time even without telling you.

This is what drives the vast majority of people who think about creating a website to go to paid hosting.

Paid hosting costs

In fact, there is no unified price for hosts, there are many types that differ in characteristics and advantages as we have said, in addition to the presence of a lot of agencies that provide these services, which provides many competitive prices, whether in the local bodies that provide these services or in the global destinations Like Godaddy and Amazon platform.

Hosting prices are usually monthly or annually renewable, you can buy hosting with some agencies for amounts not exceeding $ 10 for a full year, in addition to the offers announced by the specialized hosting services platforms, which you can use to get hosting at a lower price than is It usually is.

Follow the websites of the hosting providers to know the available offers.

Domain and hosting

You can buy the domain and hosting from the same entity, or you can get both of them from a different company or party, as the two need not necessarily be from the same entity. In all cases, you will need to link the domain with the hosting.

Connecting the domain with hosting is not difficult, but nonetheless some people have difficulty in the matter, and here you can either seek the assistance of another friend or relative with experience in this regard, or you can search for a way to connect via the Internet.

In this video, an explanation of how to link a domain with a Godaddy hosting.

Third: the hosting control panel

After linking the domain to the hosting and fully setting up the account, you can control the hosting through the so-called “hosting control panel.” It is the panel that you can control such as uploading files to the site, taking a backup copy of the site, installing programs or any other settings on the site.

The most important in this process is the installation of a content management program for the site, which is a tool through which you can control the content of the site, such as uploading and publishing content on the site, designing the site, and the way the content is displayed, of course whatever the content, whether articles, text, images, video, or audio files.

The most famous content management systems

There are several content management programs you can use any of them, or you can design and build your own content management program, and most likely this option will be the most expensive among the other options.

As for the most popular content management systems used are the following:



The most famous content management system ever, and it works by about 30% of websites in the world, is an open source and free content management program and you can get it from the official website of and then install it on your hosting from the hosting control panel.

It has many advantages and great capabilities in terms of site customization, control, and site management and content across it optimally. WordPress sites are highly flexible and are suitable for display on various devices and tools.

Once WordPress is installed on your site, you will have a Dashboard or WordPress Dashboard independent of the hosting control panel, and then you can control your site through the WordPress control panel, which is available in many languages, including Arabic.

Joomla Sentence


The second most popular content management system after Word Press, which is also free and open source, you can get and install on your site through the official website of the system where it has been downloaded more than 100 million times depending on the site.



One of the lesser-known open source free content management systems than WordPress, this content management system employs about 3% of all websites in the world.

The advantages and features offered by this system are less than those available in WordPress, so the number of its users is less. You can get the system and install it on your site through the official website of the program.

These are the three most popular systems for managing website content, regardless of the type of website, whether it’s a blog, magazine, personal site, commercial site, or even an online store. Any of these systems provides everything that site managers can manage to optimize their website.

An alternative to these content management systems is to program your own content management system. This requires adequate programming expertise, and you may need to hire programmers or several programmers to work on this.

However, only a few resort to this option due to the requirements it needs such as programming expertise and other skills in the field of site management, in addition to the high costs in case you need to hire a programmer to implement it, in exchange for other less expensive options.

Fourth: Website design

Your complete guide to creating a website from scratch

Although designing the site or the way your website will look like it is important, many people think about this step first and before any previous step, but in reality the website design is the last thing that you must work on, because you will need to work on All the previous steps before working on the site design.

The design or website template is what your site will look like for visitors and whoever enters the site, here you can use ready designs (template) or you can design and program a template specific to your site.

Each content management platform has its own templates or designs or is called “themes”, like WordPress themes as well as for Drupal and Joomla. Some of these designs are free that everyone can use for free, while others are paid and their prices vary according to each design.

But if you want to design a template for your site, you will need a web designer to implement the design that you want and according to the needs of your site and customize it, there are today some platforms that allow you to design your site template yourself even if you do not have any programming experiences, you can get to know the most prominent of these The platforms are from this article.

Also read: How to design a website with or without design expertise

Fifth: Site management

With all the previous steps set up and optimized, it’s ready to start managing your website. The management of the site includes permanent and continuous operations in terms of publishing content in it and updating it constantly, preparing and configuring the site in the optimal way, in terms of design and preparation, and the ability of users to interact with the site.

And do not forget the most important process, which is creating the site for search engines, especially if your site depends on the written content of texts and articles, for the most part here you will need a specialist of electronic marketing via search engines (SEO) to do all the technologies and processes in order to ensure the appearance of your site on search engines and thus Get visitors.

Of course, all content management systems allow the possibility of involving more than one person in the management of the website, and therefore you can count on a whole team, especially if your site is relatively large and requires this.

To be that, we got to know everything related to creating a website from the beginning to the operation and management of the website completely. If you have any questions about this topic tell us about them in the comments and we will try to answer them as possible.

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