Your guide to understanding boltless shelving

Your guide to understanding boltless shelving

There are many advantages to opting for boltless shelving, specifically for warehousing, material handling, and storage facilities. However, to get the maximum out of this shelving system, you need to understand how boltless shelving can help organize your inventory in a hassle-free manner. If you are planning to purchase shelving, check out display rack Malaysia

High level of versatility

The boltless shelving system is also referred to as rivet shelving. It is an extremely popular and helpful storage pattern. It can be used anywhere from medium-sized distribution centers to residential garages, pharmacies, archive rooms, and many other types of facilities. The one thing that you must remember in the case of boltless shelving is that it is incredibly versatile. You can even have a shelving system of this sort at your own home for organization purposes. They are also suitable for shelving crated products and products in medium to small boxes.

Easy assembly

As you must have understood by the name itself, these shelving units do not need nuts and bolts to secure the shelves to the frame. Instead, the structure contains connecting rails and perforated posts. This allows the user to shelve the decks at any height desired. Due to these design combos, the shelving has become a highly customizable storage option. All you have to check is that the shelving unit must have buttons that are of the correct size. The button should get slotted into the post. As long as this is in place, you can install any decking style.

Types of boltless shelving

Boltless rack Malaysia is primarily of two types: the long span and the regular style.

Long span boltless shelving unit

This shelving system is also referred to as the double rivet shelving system. Long span relates mainly to the heavy-duty nature. By heavy-duty, the implication is towards the fact that these boltless shelving systems can accommodate heavier and longer objects. Up to 96-inch wide items can easily be adjusted in this shelving system.

The shelving posts are incredibly robust and have great structural confirmation. They allow for heavier decking. But the extra strength limits the usefulness if you compare it to the regular style shelving unit.

Regular boltless shelving

Regular boltless shelving is also referred to as single rivet boltless shelving. These are lighter and simpler. They can be used to store medium-weight to low-weight products. They are generally made of aluminum, particleboard, or wood. Despite their appearance by which they come off as a lightweight, the means of single rivet boltless shelving are made of sheet steel that has been cold rolled. This provides enough structural integrity to accommodate all medium and lightweight products. This single rivet shelving method is generally observed in a small package and postal distribution officers, archive rooms, etcetera. You can also use this type of shelving system in the case of residential garages to keep the parts and the tools. These shells can offer maximum visibility and accessibility by featuring beams up to 48 inches in width.

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