10 Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes in JEE Main

10 Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes in JEE Main


Jee main is one of the most important examinations for those who want to be in an engineering profession. Most of the students who are in school often dream of becoming an engineer, whether it is a software engineer or electrical engineer. Engaging one’s son or daughter in engineering courses is every parent’s dream. But we often heard that most of the pupils often remain back by two to three points in the Jee main examination. But the question is why? Are they not studying well? Well, the main problem for them is silly mistakes. Due to the stupid mistakes, most candidates couldn’t score good results to secure a seat in engineering colleges.

Now you may wonder how to avoid such mistakes to qualify for Jee main examinations. Thus, to help you, I have come up with the 10 best ways to help your lad clear Jee main and avoid silly mistakes during examinations. The ten best ways are as follows:

  1. Go through the syllabus properly: Before the Jee main examinations, one must properly go through the syllabus and its quality materials. The syllabus is the key that will help you get over your dreams within time.
  2. Make a timetable during your studies: you must maintain a timetable while preparing for your Jee main examination. Time table will help you to go through every required subject within a timeline. Not only that, by maintaining a time table, you will also be able to complete your syllabus within a given time and could also save your time for revision.
  3. Practice question sets within a time limit: you must practice question sets or go for a mock test before sitting in the jee main examination. A mock test will help you to analyze your position of preparation and also help you to understand how much effort you still need to score well.
  4. In Exam Hall, try to read the questions twice and thrice: we often avoid going through the questions twice to save time. But due to this, we often end up with silly mistakes. Thus, you need to read the questions twice and thrice because the answers remain hidden within the questions themselves most of the time.
  5. Read the instructions carefully: instructions are the guidelines for writing answers in the exam hall. Hence it is necessary to go through the instructions given by the board about writing the examination before you start writing your answers.
  6. Write down the points or the units on the question paper with a pencil: we often forget the points that we are about to put in our answers. Thus, it is suggested that whenever you recall the answer while going through the questions, try to jot it down. 
  7. Avoid silly mistakes while calculating the problems: you need to remain focused while calculating your problem sums given in the jee main examinations. It is because a diverted mind could lead you to silly mistakes.
  8. Choose the options by deduction method: deduction method is the most effective method to get the right answer during examinations. It often proved to be helpful.
  9. Try to concentrate on your work: concentration is the main key to success. Thus, before sitting for the jee main examination, you need to do meditation to increase your concentration level.
  10. Remain motivated throughout your preparation to your exam end: you need to remain motivated during your preparation to your exam end. Lack of motivation may lead to scoring fewer marks in Jee main.

Securing a position to continue with engineering through Jee main is a dream for every student. But due to certain silly mistakes, such dreams remain a dream forever. Thus, it is believed that the above-mentioned ways could quickly help you get over your limitations and help you to succeed in your examinations.


David Lockhart