11 Reasons Why You Will Need a Translation Services in Dubai

11 Reasons Why You Will Need a Translation Services in Dubai

A company specialized in translations will never lose its importance, and several reasons show why you really need this service!

The translation of documents, websites, applications, articles and other content is a service that will never lose its importance, no matter how much technology develops.

Whether for legal and legal purposes or simply to be able to read a text in your native language, translations are essential in various situations, no matter what the intended language.

There are several reasons that can lead you to look for a translation company in 2020, and getting to know them can help to broaden your horizons even further, in order to really prove how much they are needed!

Reasons That Will Make You Search For A Translation Company in 2020

If you encounter any of these situations, the ideal solution is to look for a company specialized in translations, which will be able to meet all your needs with excellence and agility.

1 – Documents for Exchange

If you want to study abroad and have already researched a little on the subject, then you know that it is not enough to simply pack up and board the plane: you need to solve all the bureaucratic part.

Many colleges and schools ask you to present a diploma or certificate of completion for a particular course, and of course this must be done in the local language for it to be valid.

For these cases, you will need a translation company to help you. Through sworn translation , documents with legal validity here in Dubai will have the same validity outside the country, that is, problem solved!

2 – Internationalization of Sites

The power of the internet continues to grow, and it is difficult to think of a point where that will happen. Therefore, whoever wants to receive more traffic and more interested people need to be prepared.

Those who access your site are not always arabic or speak Portuguese, especially if it is in a very specific niche, where it is difficult to find competitors. Therefore, making content available in several languages ​​is the best option.

In addition to the possibility of bringing more traffic, it is also important to reinforce that this can result in new customers for business sites, that is a great chance of profit!

3 – Translations For Legal Purposes

You may need to participate in a trial in another country, for whatever reason. If this happens, then all documents you have to submit must be translated.

Of course, this is an assignment for a translation company , which has all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge so that you have everything you need at your disposal, so as not to be disadvantaged by the absence of documents in the local language.

4 – Scientific Articles

Dubai is a major producer of scientific articles, and there is no denying that these contents cover much of the world. Therefore, counting on them in other languages ​​is great so that your academic and professional work can be even more recognized.

This is one of the main translation services , which is no wonder, since scientific discoveries can really change the world, and the more people who can share this knowledge, the better!

5 – Video Caption

Being YouTuber is one of the dream professions today. If you are also on this boat, of course you will not have to record in several different languages, but making subtitles available to your audience is a great start.

This is a simple or free translation service, that is, it does not have legal validity, but it does need a translation company for it to be carried out. Thus, the number of likes and subscribers will only tend to rise more and more!

6 – Versions in Other Languages

Unlike conventional translation services, the versions work in the opposite way: instead of taking content in another language and bringing it into Portuguese, content in the Tupiniquim language will be made available in other languages.

This is great in many cases, especially with books, which have different versions in each country, with the same content, but adapted for the people of that region.

If you want to reach people in other countries with reliable versions of what you have created, then this is the option.

7 – Manuals and Technical Content

If you have the spirit of an inventor, then your invention needs to be used by as many people as possible, both to increase your prestige and, of course, your money.

In such cases, technical translation is the perfect service, provided by a translation company so that content with a more technical and specific content is made available in different languages.

It differs from free translations precisely because it contains a series of words and terms specific to certain areas, which need to be properly contextualized for their perfect understanding.

8 – Documents for Companies

Problems with document translation in companies are very common, as not all of them use professionals to meet their needs. To avoid them, it is essential to have someone who really understands the subject.

Financial losses, declines in sales and loss of authority are just some of these problems, and professional translation tends to eliminate them, which will also help to convey a more professional image of your company to customers.

9 – Applications and Softwares

They came into our lives to stay, but if those who use apps and programs cannot understand them, it is obvious that they will be uninstalled immediately. So if you have developed something new, invest in translating your content.

As the dissemination of these tools is done through the internet, which has a massive reach, it is essential that it is available, at least in the main languages ​​of the world, so that its scope is immeasurably greater.

A translation company can make you the next successful developer on the market, which ranks first on the most downloaded app lists. Have you ever thought that maximum?

10 – Game Development

In conjunction with apps, games (which are also apps) are practically viral: when they fall into the public’s tastes, it is difficult to take off.

To take advantage of this wave of new games, the translation of your content can make all the difference. Thus, everyone will be able to make the most of it, publicize it with their friends and acquaintances and, thus, gradually increase their audience.

Furthermore, it would be an incredible feeling to have one person in Russia and another in India, both playing the game you developed and having fun in the same way. Do not let this chance go by!

11 – Free Translations

Free translations are as professional as sworn translations, with the difference that they do not need public faith, that is, they are relatively simpler, although the content has the same excellence.

So, whatever content you want to be translated, this will be the most viable option in most cases, from a children’s story book to a breakfast recipe.

Count on an Excellent Translation Company!

These are just some of the examples that may make you need a specialized professional to carry out the translations you need, among thousands of other possibilities.

The translation services market for 2020 is quite heated and should continue to do so, as the concept of internationalization is increasingly present throughout the world.


Edward Powell