11 Shelly Canada Smart Home Gadgets That Can Make Life So Much Easier For You

11 Shelly Canada Smart Home Gadgets That Can Make Life So Much Easier For You

As Canadian homeowners aspire to automate more household activities — from controlling appliances to monitoring security — the smart home market in the country is expected to grow bigger. Experts estimate that by 2023, the Canadian smart home market will already be valued at a whopping $3.8 billion.

In this frontier, Shelly Canada is a leading name. They have been providing quality home automation solutions since 1959. This feature rounds up 11 of their best gadgets to help make life easier for you.

August Smart Lock Pro Combo If you’re just starting transforming your home into a smart one, it is best to start with tightening your access control. The August Smart Lock Pro Combo allows you to lock and unlock doors and monitor who enters and exits your home — all from your smartphone. This smart lock device can also be operated via voice control.

August Smart Keypad To further enhance home security, consider this smart keypad from Shelly a wise, essential investment. This code-based home entry is compatible with any August Smart Lock. It can also create unique codes from your smartphone anytime.

Shelly Door Window 2 This device helps keep track of any activities/adjustments made on your doors and windows (e.g. Entry and exit, tilt angle, and vibration).

Shelly Duo  A highly recommended product from Shelly Canada, this Wi-Fi-operated bulb can help you create the right atmosphere and mood for your home. It can work as a standalone device or as a component of another home automation system.

Shelly Dimmer2 This works as a Wi-Fi solution that can control a wide range of dimmable LED and halogen lights. For better security, this device is also equipped with an overload sensor and temperature protection.

Shelly 1 UL Named as the world’s smallest Wi-Fi-operated relay switch, the Shelly 1 UL can control a wide array of home appliances — from lights and power lines to HVAC units and garage doors.

Shelly H&T  A basic feature of a smart home is a device that measures humidity and temperature. This in-demand Shelly product lets you monitor if you have an optimal temperature in your home. It is the first Wi-Fi-enabled, battery-operated humidity and temperature sensor that can run for two years.

Shelly Plug S  One of the most intelligent Wi-Fi power outlets in the market, this device allows you to control lighting, heating, and other electrical appliances in your home. It also features a power meter to help you monitor energy consumption.

Shelly Flood  A device that’s especially helpful if you are living in a flood-prone neighborhood, the Shelly Flood is designed to record hourly data of temperature and flood levels in your home. It helps prevent serious water damage by alerting you once it detects leakage within your property.

Shelly Gaz The Shelly Gaz is a smart gas sensor equipped with an LED flash and sound alarm indicator. It is flame resistant and is designed to detect natural gas, offering an essential layer of protection for your home and your loved ones.

Shelly Button 1  This tool is built to help you centralize control for your home automation solutions. With this small but powerful Wi-Fi switch, you can activate or deactivate different equipment and Shelly devices within your home, without even using your mobile phone.

Edward Powell