3 Reasons to Buy a Hot Tub in Orem

3 Reasons to Buy a Hot Tub in Orem

Improves Sleep Quality

Hot tubbing is one of the most effective ways to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. The weightlessness of the water eases pressure on the joints, while the heat relaxes nerves and muscles, sending toxins and lactic acid out of the body. The resulting reduced stiffness and bodily pain can contribute to improved sleep quality. Additionally, spending less than twenty minutes in the steaming water can increase body temperature by five degrees, resulting in rapid cooling upon exit. This cooling imitates a similar process that occurs when falling asleep, convincing the brain that it will soon be time to sleep. Health professionals in Orem recommend twenty to thirty minutes of hot tubbing approximately ninety minutes before the desired bedtime.

Improves Health

Hot tub use, coupled with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet, can significantly benefit cardiovascular health and flexibility. Just fifteen minutes in the water has been known to reduce blood pressure and increase heart rate, simulating the effects of physical exercise. Though not intended to replace exercise, hot tubbing for short intervals daily may reduce the risk of heart disease and hypertension and may even promote weight loss. The unpredictable weather in Orem may make it difficult to find the right time or motivation to exercise, but an hour spent in a hot tub is believed to burn the same amount of calories as a thirty-minute walk. In addition, the hydrostatic pressure in the water reduces stiffness in the joints, increasing mobility and, thus, flexibility. In Orem, there are several yoga instructors available (online and in-person) that encourage both dynamic and static stretching in a hot tub.

Alleviates Pain and Tension

Hot tubbing can provide relief for a wide variety of injuries, cramps, and pains. Immersive heat increases blood flow to muscles throughout the body. For example, blood flow to the pelvic area relaxes the uterine muscle, ultimately reducing menstrual cycle cramps. Furthermore, the heat alleviates pressure on other muscles such as the hamstring, quadriceps, and groin, which can stimulate the release of toxins and reduce soreness deriving from extensive muscle use. Especially in Orem, winters are cold, and cold weather increases the likelihood of pulling or straining a muscle. Soaking in a hot tub before exercising loosens the muscles and decreases stress, serving as a shield against overuse injuries. The increased circulation that results from the heat can accelerate the healing process by reducing swelling and easing inflammation. Consistent warmth may also dilate blood vessels, relieving headaches, while the water’s buoyancy eases pressure on joints, decreasing arthritic pains.

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