4 Ways to Make your Roof More Eco-Friendly

4 Ways to Make your Roof More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly homeowners are very conscious of their roofing materials, which is why many choose metal—the most sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing material out there today. Regardless of the roofing presently installed, there are four easy ways an experienced roofing company can help you boost its green standards.

1. Regular Cleaning

A clean roof is not only a happy roof, but it will harbor less harmful growths like mold, fungus and other bacteria. While eradicating these undesirable growths is good for your roof and the family, it’s also beneficial to Mother Nature.

2. Install a Drip Edge

A drip edge is a metal or vinyl strip that surrounds outer edges of the roofing installation. Its job is to provide an extension over the fascia to allow water to fall freely off the building. The Eco-friendly aspect of drip edges is that they help prevent a number of pests from entering the home. This means you won’t need to use toxic pest killers due to small roof openings.

3. Install an Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shields are available for use with tile, asphalt shingles and metal. They self-seal around nails and offer solid protection for roofing prone to ice and water intrusions. Keeping ice and cold water off the roofing means better indoor temperatures without expending extra heating energy.

4. Have a Roofing Company Insulate the Roof

Adequate roofing insulation is the key to using less energy and having a Eco-friendlier abode. There are several types of insulation ideal for the job including rigid foam panels, fiberglass insulation, batting, and spray foam. A representative from your chosen roofing company will be able to guide you to the best type to improve home comfort.

Clare Louise