5 Benefits of Using a Biometric Door Access System

A biometric credential for access control enables only the biological information particular to each individual. The primary advantage of using a biometric door access control system on our property is that it is challenging for an unauthorised person to get entry. We primarily use fingerprint recognition since it is quick, dependable, and virtually impenetrable. We can rest easy after installing the security solution, knowing that our entry control system only allows the right people access to various locations.

The following are the benefits we received from using biometric door access system installations on our property.

#1 Cannot Fake, Steal, Clone or Forget

A password, pin-based or card access system in Singapore properties relies on readily forgettable details and potentially lost components. Using biometrics in my security solutions provides the challenge of cloning or guessing biometric information. It takes away the ability of an individual to let others access their passwords or keys. Besides, no two people have the same biological data since biometrics are unique.

#2 Super Secure

Biometric authentication on our door access system provided us with more security than coded, smart card, or proximity entry. The fact that the technology is less well-known and understood is a benefit of biometric security. Biometric scanners are less noticeable to the general public. It is more challenging for others to figure out where you keep your valuable possessions.

#3 Comprehensive & Precise Audit Trail

Using a biometric door access control system offered us 100% accurate entry records. It removed limitations and added an extra degree of protection. My employees and I did not need to remember to carry keycards or fobs since it grants access using our biometric data, which makes it very convenient. The system also notifies me when an unauthorised person attempts to gain entry into any area inside our property.

#4 User Friendly

Installing a biometric security solution provided a more efficient way to gain access to our office. Using a key card, entering a PIN, or scanning a fingerprint or iris takes the same time as using your biometrics. Moreover, it is more user-friendly than alternatives, like a card access security system in Singapore offices, since it eliminates human error.

#5 Access Credentials Management

The biometric door access system made it straightforward to control who has access to which portions of our office. I can manage every individual from a centralised system after registering the information for each employee in the database. It lets me quickly grant or refuse access to particular doors and places based on the person and their appropriate access levels.

Authentication through a biometric door access system is necessary to ensure that access to our office door is not misused. Users who have permission cannot engage in prohibited behaviour. I was grateful I found a trustworthy firm to help me.

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Nicholas Jansen