5 Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen

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Traditional kitchens are still one of today’s most common kitchen designs. While many modern kitchens emphasize simplicity, traditional kitchens display favors detail and ornamentation for an elegant and luxurious appearance of its kitchen area.

There are various features you should learn before deciding what theme you’re going to reshape your kitchen into.

A typical kitchen has an elevated or recessed armoire. Often these types of cabinets have elaborate profiles and large application moldings.

The main feature of a traditional style kitchen is the attention to detail and use of decorative accessories. Some examples are crown moldings, corbels and furniture-like pieces with embellishments in every area of the room. Everywhere you look in a traditional kitchen, there should be an element of adornment, architectural design or enhanced pieces with decorative accessories.

Classic stains and colors are next characteristic of a typical traditional kitchen. The colors usually used vary in shades of creams, soft pastels, greens, and greys. Where contemporary and modern kitchen designs pay attention to crisp, cool colors that show materials and bring a pop of edgy style to the space, traditional kitchens are all about sticking to a more natural color palette. Think warm and cool neutrals, like deep cherries and light beige.

The use of custom range hoods is another feature of a traditional kitchen. To add detail to the room, ornate metal hoods, custom-shaped plaster hoods, and carved stone or wood hoods are used.

The last feature you will know of a typical kitchen is the use of decorative lighting. The most important aspect you’ll see in a typical kitchen is the use of chandeliers to give a brighter environment or vibe around the kitchen.

Bonnie Baldwin