5 Irish tattoos that you should consider getting

5 Irish tattoos that you should consider getting

If you’re deciding on what your next tattoo should look like, you might want to consider one of these stunning Irish-inspired pieces. Whether you’re from Ireland or of Irish descent, the chances are that these tattoos will mean something special to you. Below, we give you some food for thought and offer more information on five of the best options for you to consider…


The Cross


Without a doubt, one of the most popular Irish tattoo designs is the Celtic Cross. Not only is the cross one of Ireland’s most noticeable and iconic symbols, but it’s religious, too, which allows you to pay homage to both your country of origin and to God. The symbol takes inspiration from the Christian cross but adds a circle which wraps around the crosses, which connects the arms. It’s considered a symbol of strength and demonstrates your Irish pride.


The Harp


If you’ve ever visited Ireland as a tourist, the chances are that you’ve seen the harp once or twice. The Dublin bridge was inspired by the harp, and you’ll find it on the iconic Guinness logo, too. It’s designed to represent the immortality of the soul – even when we’re long gone, our legacy will live on forever. That makes the harp a great choice if you want to remember a loved one who is no longer here or think about your own life and death and Ireland’s impact.


The Triquetra


Another symbol that’s becoming increasingly popular in Ireland and overseas is the triquetra, which is another form of a Celtic knot. The reason why the triquetra is so popular is that there is no clear beginning or end, which symbolizes life and infinity. There are so many ways to incorporate a triquetra into a larger tattoo design – you could add flowers, a person’s name to symbolize your love and commitment, or a date that represents your year of birth.

The Shamrock


We couldn’t put together a list of Irish tattoo designs without giving a nod to the shamrock, which is, without doubt, one of the most iconic Irish symbols. Irish clover was used by St. Patrick to symbolize the holy trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As well as serving as a symbol of good luck and Irish blood, the shamrock is a religious symbol, representing Christianity. Wear a shamrock on your body and you’re ushering in good fortune and luck.

The Leprechaun


Finally, consider the leprechaun as a fun Irish tattoo to add to your body. These little fairies are common in Irish folklore, and getting one etched into your skin will allow you to show off your fun side. And remember: every leprechaun has a hidden pot of gold, so if you invite one to live on your leg, arm, or body, you might just hit the jackpot when you’re next gambling!

Which of these do you like the sound of? Let us know and check back soon for more ideas.

Bonnie Baldwin