5 Reasons to get married in Austin, Texas

5 Reasons to get married in Austin, Texas

When two people are very much in love, they may decide to take the next steps of getting married. The decision to get married is a big one that should not be taken lightly, there are a few things to consider before getting married. Do you absolutely trust this person? The foundation of every relationship is trust.

Along with that, are you attracted to this person? Physical attraction is important but it won’t last long term. Being attracted to a person’s spirit and personality is also very important. But when all of these prerequisites are met, it is crucial to find a beautiful wedding venue. Austin, Texas is filled with beautiful wedding venues. Here are 5 reasons to get married in Austin, Texas.

The Weather

When a person thinks Texas, they think hot. But did you know that the weather in Texas is actually pretty mild a large part of the year. During the ‘winter’ months in Texas, the weather can be absolutely beautiful and the perfect place for an outdoor wedding. Good weather on a wedding day is crucial for a good experience and beautiful pictures.

The Venues

Austin, Texas is known for its beautiful outdoor wedding venues Texas. The rich history and diverse cultures of the area, open the door for basically any type of wedding. From the small, intimate family wedding to the large expensive gorgeous wedding, they have the venue for you. One of these beautiful wedding venues is the Barr Mansion and Ballroom. This venue is classic but also gorgeous.

The feel is very 1800s and they offer full services for a wedding from catering to set up and tear down. Another great venue is The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge. This is a classic outdoor venue that is located in a vineyard. This is the most beautiful of all the Austin Texas wedding venues. The building is beautiful and the outdoor area has the perfect areas for wedding photos. With the great venues is the great resources the big city of Austin, Texas offers. Any last minute wedding needs can be found in Austin, Texas. They have everything from tuxes and dresses to jewelry and flowers.

The Sight Seeing

For people who are not from the Austin, Texas area, there are many great sightseeing options for visitors. The Texas Capitol is one great tourist attraction. People often are interested in seeing the beautiful old building and the classic history of the beginning of the west. Along with that, the botanical gardens is a large tourist attraction.

There are beautiful plants and butterflies that can’t really be seen anywhere else in the United States at the Austin, Texas Botanical gardens. There is also a great state park, the Mckinney Falls state park. It is located near Austin, Texas. The sight seeing is great for tourists who are in town for a wedding. While the bride and groom are busy getting last minute things together for the wedding, the guests can be touring Austin, Texas and seeing great sights.

In the end, Austin, Texas is an open door for those needing a beautiful place to get married. The weather is wonderful and the venues are beautiful. The sight seeing is like no other and no guest to Austin, Texas will be disappointed. Austin, Texas is well known for its beautiful wedding venues and great mix of cultures. So any type of wedding could absolutely be pulled off in Austin, Texas. From there great outdoor wedding venues Texas to there many resources within the city, Texas is a great place for any wedding.

Bonnie Baldwin