5 Things To Remember When Renting Short Term Rental In Singapore

5 Things To Remember When Renting Short Term Rental In Singapore

In Singapore, short-term rentals are becoming more well-liked as a convenient and cost-effective accommodation choice for travellers. However, renting a short-term place can differ from renting regular long-term accommodation. The following five considerations pertaining when choosing a short term rental stay is helpful.

With this, you can prevent headaches that can lead to more disappointments in the future! So, remember these things below for a better decision.

1) Research More About The Area

It’s crucial to do your homework before renting a short term rental in Singapore and understand where the property is.

Be sure the site is handy for you and in a desired and safe neighbourhood. Some places could be noisy, while others might be too far from services or public transportation. Make sure the area suits your needs and preferences by conducting research.

2) Read The Lease Document Thoroughly

It’s critical to carefully read the rental agreement while renting short term rental accommodation in Singapore. The terms and conditions of the rental, including the rental length, rental cost, security deposit, and any additional expenses, will be outlined in the rental agreement.

When signing the rental agreement, ensure you are aware of all the terms and conditions.

3) Ask About The Amenities

Many facilities are included with short-term rentals, depending on the kind of home you rent. While some rentals might have a kitchen, others might not. Some may require you to utilise a laundromat, while some may include laundry facilities.

Ensure you are familiar with the rental’s features and how they will impact your stay. This way, you can maximise your experience with the service apartments in Singapore.

4) Recognise the Security Deposit

A security deposit is frequently required for a short term rental in Singapore to cover any damages or unpaid payments. Be sure you comprehend the terms of the security deposit, including its amount, its return schedule, and any requirements for its return.

Moreover, note any problems or damages with the property when you move in so that you will not get fined for harm that happened.

5) Communicate With The Renters

While renting short term rental accommodation, communication with the renter is essential. If you have any queries or problems during your stay, make sure you can reach the landlord. A change in your rental plans, such as an early departure or an increase in the number of inhabitants, should also be communicated to the landlord.

Before renting service apartments in Singapore, remember these considerations above. So, you can book a room with Expat Corporate Apartments by visiting their website today.

Clare Louise