5 Ways Cloud Hosting Can Trump Traditional Hosting

5 Ways Cloud Hosting Can Trump Traditional Hosting

Cloud has emerged the newest and among the most favoured destination when it comes to hosting your site. Of course that isn’t without reason given the several advantages that cloud hosting provides for compared to traditional hosting. We mention here some of the best reasons why you should opt for cloud hosting over traditional hosting on standalone servers. 

  1. Lower Costs: 

This happens to be one of the biggest advantages of cloud hosting as you only have to pay for the resource that you need. This way, you can plan your expenses based on the cloud resources that you need. Such flexibility however is missing on conventional hosting model where you have to pay a fixed amount irrespectiveof the resource you are using. 

  1. Scalability:

On cloud based hosting, the service providers can adjust more server resources according to the need of the website. If the demand peaks, more server resources such as bandwidth, storage, RAM and so on can be made available right away. This ensures you can make the most whenever there is a surge in demand, which is quite common with web sites which might witness a sudden spike almost out of nowhere. 

In comparison, allocating more resources according to the demand is a more elaborate process in traditional hosting. 

  1. Greater Network Uptime: 

Cloud hosting has far better network uptime compared to traditional means of web hosting. This directly translates to better performance of your site as there is greater chances of it being available most of the time than say, when its hosted the conventional way. This is achieved by ensuring almost zero chances of single point of failure as any one of the multiple server can take up the load if one fails. 

In traditional web hosting, hardware failure would be almost always catastrophic as this would lead to downtime for your site, and hence your business. 

  1. Better Backup And Recovery Options: 

With cloud hosting essentially being a multi server arrangement, your site is backed up in real time in multiple locations. This eliminates the chances of your business being affected in case there has been an issue on one server as other servers can share the load automatically and almost instantaneously. In fact, the user won’t even get to know there has been an issue anywhere as it would be business as usual, while you can restore things from the backed up data simultaneously. 

With traditional hosting, it’s usually your prerogative to keep a backup of your data as they have no backup and recovery options. That makes disaster recovery in standalone servers a real pain, of which you can have from here, IndianAffiliatePrograms.com

  1. Better Security: 

Cloud hosting provider for far better levels of security than conventional hosting. In fact, its a multi-layered approach that cloud hosting goes for compared to traditional hosting, which starts with a  comprehensive layer of security guarding physical access to the site itself. Thereafter, there are various software checkpoints at almost every level to ensure minimal chances of hacking or data breach. 

In traditional hosting, you either share the server with other websites or have your own exclusive setup if it’s sensitive data that you need to store. Needless to say, the latter commands a huge cost premium while shared environment provides for a lesser degree of security.

Edward Powell