6 Business Card Design Trends 2019 You Need To Know

6 Business Card Design Trends 2019 You Need To Know

They may be small in size but business cards do big help if you want to make a good first impression with prospective clients and partners. Low cost and portable, these cards are advantageous in terms of building and boosting your brand.

While some businesses want to have their cards printed on their own, many still prefer looking for a print shop Calgary like Minuteman Press Calgary to be more efficient and cost-effective. Before scouting for one, it’s important to know that design plays a crucial role in the impact of your business card.

To make sure that the other party remembers you’ve handed them your card, it’s vital to print out a card with a trendy yet easily-readable design. Here are six business card design trends you need to get on your radar.

White dominance

In the past years, many businesses have started to add background colors to their cards. This year, the classic white is back in the scene to prove how timeless its power to grab attention is — with a white background, the logo and the details you include will be noticed immediately. This is one straightforward way of conveying that you really mean your business.

Big typeface

Whether you are using a white or a colored card, flaunting your logo or tagline with a big typeface is another trend that is sure to dominate the year. It makes your card more eye-catchy and a sure stand-out among other business cards. By doing so, it will also send a strong message to your clients and customers — you are proud of what your brand is all about.

Maximized flip side

Typically, business cards printed out by a print shop Calgary like Minuteman Press Calgary only utilize the front part; meaning the flip side hardly contains any copy, icon, or image at all. This 2019, you’ll see more businesses investing in cards that have prints on both sides. One side may contain a punchy photo or a sample portfolio while the other has the business logo and contact information.

Creative puns and symbolism

This style is most especially used by businesses in the food, fashion, arts, and creative industries. By injecting a dash of wit and pun, the business card owner easily gives out a friendly, amicable impression to the receiver. It reinforces one’s brand in a light yet effective manner. After all, isn’t wit and humor important assets of any business?

Unconventional shape

If you want to take your business cards to the next level, you can also come up with a design that uses an unconventional shape. Looking more personalized and special, this type of cards helps showcase how unique your business is compared with your competitors. It’s also an effective way to leave a favorable, lasting impression to your target client or partner.

Interactive designs

This 2019, expect more companies (and upstarts and freelancers) up their business card game by incorporating interactive designs. When doing this one, make sure that what you’ll add will be reflective of your brand. Also, take note that coordination with your print shop Calgary will be crucial in ensuring that your vision will be properly translated into quality finished products.

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