6 Secrets on How To Properly Store Cookies and Keep Them Fresh

6 Secrets on How To Properly Store Cookies and Keep Them Fresh


Storing cookies is hardly a problem during ordinary days because most of them end up in your tummy before you know it. However, when the holidays arrive and you are baking by the dozens, having a personalized cookie jar and personalized cake pan (or ten) can come in handy. If you want to extend the lifespan of your cookies, here are some best practices to remember.

Freeze cookie doughs recipes

If you don’t want to bake your cookies right away but you need to have mixes ready, you can freeze your cookie dough recipes. This works well with your regular chocolate chip variety but can’t be done with meringue and cookie bars. Frozen cookie batters can last for months at a time. Incidentally, you can also refrigerate them for up to a week.

Put baked cookies in airtight jars

After cooking, baked cookies can stay fresh for up to 3 days inside an airtight, personalized cookie jar. The quality of the cookie jar can make or break the preservation of your cookies. The frequency of opening the jar will also affect the cookie quality but if you keep it at stable room temperature, do not open the jar needlessly and you make sure you replace the lid at all times, you should have fresh cookies for three days on average.

Use foil or cling wrap plastic to seal cake pans

If you have an empty personalized cake pan and you would like to use this to store baked cookies at room temperature, it can also be done. The cookies will only stay fresh though if you keep the stale air out. You can do this by sealing the pan with cling wrap plastic or foil. Foil is easily replaceable but cling wrap plastic might keep the air out more securely.

Group cookies properly

If you want the flavor and the texture of your cookies to stay the same, do not store different cookies in the same container. It is best to keep soft batches and crunchy batches separately. Otherwise, dry cookies can suck the moisture out of your soft batch cookies, or your soft batch cookies could make your crunchy ones soggy. The same principle goes with the flavor. It is best to group only the same flavors together. Even if they are not touching, if they are kept in the same airtight container, their flavors are bound to blend.

Use baking paper when layering

Whether you are working with a personalized cookie jar or a personalized cake pan, you must line and separate each layer of cookies with baking paper. This way, they can maintain their texture and shape better. You lessen the risk of chocolate chips, for example, melting into each other.

Freeze baked cookies

Frozen baked cookies can last up to three months as long as they do not have any glazing yet. This is especially true for “stable” cookies or crunchy ones. It might be harder trying to preserve soft batch cookies this way. For as long as you have a means to rebake and revive them, your oversupply of cookies does not have to go to waste. Do not forget to use baking paper in between each layer.

Bonnie Baldwin