6 Top Reasons Why Your Electric Fire Stopped Working

6 Top Reasons Why Your Electric Fire Stopped Working

Compared with traditional fireplaces, wall mounted electric fires offer a lot of promising advantages — from easier installation and maintenance to increased energy efficiency. However, such an innovative product — one that can mimic the look of a wood-powered fireplace and provide warmth to your home — is not exempted from getting damaged at some point in the future.

If your wall mounted electric fire has stopped working, here are six of the most common reasons you need to be aware of:

There’s something wrong with your power supply. As its name says, an electric fireplace is powered by electricity. So if your unit has stopped working, one of the first things you should check is your power supply. If you suspect that there’s not enough power available in your outlet, get a voltage tester and test your outlet for voltage. If you don’t have one, try plugging your fireplace in another nearby outlet and check if it will work.

Your fireplace’s lightbulb experienced an overheating. For wall mounted electric fires to create a fire-like visual effect, they are equipped with lightbulbs inside. Once your unit’s lightbulb starts to overheat due to extended use, it might stop giving off the light it usually provides. Address this issue by simply replacing your bulb. If you have more than one bulb and you only need to replace one, make sure that your new bulb has the same wattage as the other.

There’s an issue with your wiring. Your lightbulb might also stop working if you have loose wires. However, faulty wiring won’t only lead to dysfunctional bulbs, it can cause your whole unit to fail to turn on. You should get help from a professional technician to help you identify and resolve this issue.

Your fuse has burnt out. A wall mounted electric fire can also stop working if its fuse has already burnt out. Bear in mind that your unit should have a fuse in a good working condition for it to be able to give off heat properly. Check your fuse first before replacing any other part — replacing a fuse is more economical compared to other components.

You have an unclean fan. Every electric fire has a fan that ensures heat is effectively and evenly provided to your space. Over time, this fan can have a build-up of dust and debris — and when the accumulation is too thick, it can prevent your whole unit from functioning properly. Make it a habit to always inspect and clean your fan to maintain its effectiveness and functionality.

The thermostat has been set too low. Sometimes, dysfunctional wall mounted electric fires can be traced back to the way the thermostat has been set. If it’s set below room temperature, it can cause your electric fireplace to fail producing heat — even if the fan is spinning and the flame effect is working properly. Before pouring your attention in fixing any other part, check your thermostat first. Pro tip: To maintain the overall condition of your unit, always read and refer to the manual of instructions provided by your manufacturer.

Edward Powell