9 Things Must Have In A Students’ Kitchen

9 Things Must Have In A Students’ Kitchen

Students are least likely to spend much time in a kitchen unless they are culinary students. Yet some students are away from home, so they need to cook by themselves.  For students who are in a boarding house and need to prepare their own food, these nine things must be in the kitchen to simplify the cooking process.

  1. Multi cooker

This is the most essential appliance to have because many different types of cooking can be done using a multi cooker. Slow-cook, sautee, fry, boil, stew, and more are just some examples. Cooking rice, pasta, and pilaf are easy. There is a preset timer and alarm to tell the users that the food is ready. Students in Sri Lanka could eat varied and healthy food by having a multi cooker.

  1. Electric oven

An Electric oven has relatively smaller size. It is compatible for Sri Lankan students’ kitchen that is also usually small.  Students can bake or heat any foods with the electric oven. It also requires less energy and cost less than the usual oven. An electric oven has more uses than a microwave also.

  1. Tableware, cutlery and utensils

This first category is a must. To eat properly some tableware and utensils are required. Meanwhile during the cooking process some cutley and utensils are much needed. The examples are tongs, knives, turners, draining spoon and more. Though there are dozens of them, try to provide at the basic ones just like spoons, forks, knives, plates, and others.

  1. Electric kettle

In boiling water, electric keetlee mostly have automatic switching-off system. Hence, the electricity bills will not go higher. The water also can be purified that is also beneficial to the students’ health. This device could save more energy and also time. Students can add tea or coffee to give more taste.

  1. Sandwich maker

In the morning, students sometime do not have much time to prepare their breakfast. The sandwich maker could save them this time. It is easy-to-use and time-saving machine. They can toast the bread, fry the eggs, and cook other ingredients at one go. Moreover, it can help to avoid oily food. 

  1. Toaster 

With the slimmer build, a toaster is almost similar to the sandwich maker. Its smaller size only enables the users to toast several slice of breads. It is way more effective and practical actually than making a sandwich. Yet, the nutritions will be less also. For a hurry breakfast, this machine will give you the fastest food among the others. 

  1. Blender 

Students need to be healthy also. In a spare time or in a routine, making a juice can help to boost the body. There are many types of blenders. It is suggested to choose the simple and easy ones like a single-serve blender and portable blender.

  1. Spiralizer 

If students want to cook a fancy food, some cutting techniques might be required such as the strands, the rings, the crescents, and more. Save your time from cutting them using a spiralizer or grater. Not only easy, but the result cook will be more attractive.

  1. Food processor

For the seasoning, garlic paste, spices, herbs and more need to be grinded and mixed. Save your energy by using the food processor. Not just that, it has more functions like cutting. Hard ingredients like meat can be processed easily with this device also.