9 Ways Christmas Lights Can Make Your Wedding More Amazing

9 Ways Christmas Lights Can Make Your Wedding More Amazing

Lights can make any event look a little more magical if you do it right. The beauty with a Christmas light installer is that you can book them not just for Christmas lighting installation but also on your big wedding day!

If you’ve Googled “Christmas light installer for weddings” and somehow ended up on this page, then you’re in the right place. Here are 9 ways a Christmas light installer can make your wedding more amazing!

Head and guest table lighting

Make your wedding more magical by adding lights on the head and guest tables. For this, try draping icicle lights while covering it with sheer fabric to soften the glow. Remember that LED lights are more preferred by guests than incandescent lights because it’s much more comfortable to look at.

Wedding ceiling lighting

For your wedding reception, consider adding patio lights or lantern lights to make it more unique and special. Moravian stars are very trendy right now and you can mix certain textures to add personality to the decor.

Lights display for both inside and outside

Whether you are planning to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, Christmas lights are a great way to illuminate everything. Of course, you have to consult with a professional as to which type of lighting would work best for a particular scenario.

Lights display for any wedding theme you want

You can also choose the lights that you want to display based on your wedding theme. If you’re going for a classic look, crystal chandeliers and wall sconces are perfect! For a rustic look, opt for market lights. Christmas lights or twinkle lights are great for a more romantic aesthetic.

Line the aisle with Christmas lights

You can line the aisle with Christmas lights or you can use luminaries if you are planning to have your wedding outside. You can also replace flowers with battery-powered candles. This will definitely highlight the natural beauty and it’s perfect for photographs!

Use candelabras with Christmas lights

Candelabras are one of the most neglected wedding decors because people seem to think that using them feels ancient. However, candelabras not only adds light to guest tables but it also adds height. If you are trying to achieve a classic but modern theme, candelabras with Christmas lights are the way to go.

Strings lights help you stick to your budget

Another neglected light decor is Christmas string lights. These are very affordable and it can easily be installed through the existing trellis of your wedding greeneries.

Use taper candles on tables with Christmas lights above

Taper candles on tables would work well if you have Christmas lights above. It gives you a very soft and dreamlike illumination. You would greatly appreciate how the lights will play during your first dance!

Lanterns with pillar candles and Christmas lights

The art of lights display lies in mixing and matching. Lanterns with pillar candles and even lit-up coils or Christmas lights would be an excellent way to make your walk up the aisle more visible.

Finding the right light installation company to do the job for you!

There are a lot of options for light display on the market. Be sure that you hire a professional so you can get an overview as to what works. They will be able to guide you to mix and match between the different available options.

Nicholas Jansen