A Few Good Reasons to Buy Genuine Ink Cartridges

A Few Good Reasons to Buy Genuine Ink Cartridges

Many of you must have invested a good amount of your money in buying the best models of the printer for your personal or official use. However, the quality of the print that you get will depend upon what ink cartridge you are using subsequently

If you have purchased an HP printer then buying OEM HP ink cartridges will be the right option to get a consistent quality of printing. It always makes sense to buy spare parts and ink cartridges from the same company that has supplied you with the printer.

The following are a few good reasons to prefer for OEM supplier for your print cartridges of the printer.

  1. They will be fully compatible

There will always be less risk of getting problems with the quality of the print by installing OEM cartridges. There can be many other replacement cartridges available on the market that can be fully compatible with your printing machine but cannot offer the same quality standard.

  1. Save your time and money

If you select high-quality, ink cartridges from the original manufacturer like HP, then you will save both your time and money. As they are designed to perfectly fit in your printer so you will not require any adjustments to fit into your printer.

OEM ink cartridges will be highly reliable and they are designed to offer you total peace of mind while printing documents.

  1. Support sustainability

Most manufacturers of these genuine ink cartridges are also concerned about the environment hence they will use materials that can be easily recycled back. Therefore, by choosing any ink cartridges from any OEM company, you will have access to environmentally friendly options.

  1. Designed to offer best results

While printing, certainly you will expect high-quality printing with perfect color as selected. Only genuine ink cartridges supplied by an OEM can deliver you consistent quality as they are manufactured by keeping in consideration the printer you purchased. 

The following are a few useful tips to get the best out of your ink cartridges:

  • Select your fonts wisely – Avoid using too many bold words in your document to print. Also, limit your use of those fonts that are thick. Also, avoid dark shading and fat borders. Elegant fonts are easy on your eyes and you save inks.
  • Embrace draft mode – While editing any document and want to route it for approval then, print on non-final edits by using in Draft Mode.
  • Whenever possible try to print without any background images – Power-Point presentations can print 2 – 6 slides/page in handout mode. Whenever possible try to print without any background images. This will dramatically decrease your ink/toner usage and offers recipients a lot of white space for taking notes.
  • Discourage unauthorized printing among your staff – You can add certain job code requirements within your employees before they print any document so that it will discourage them to use printers for their personal use printing.

All printing jobs must be accounted for with a certain official work so that you can save ink, paper, and also the necessary maintenance costs of your printer.

Bonnie Baldwin