A Good Look Cremations as an End-of-Life Solution

A Good Look Cremations as an End-of-Life Solution


Choosing cremation as an end-of-life option is a big decision and one that more people are making for themselves. That said, there’s not one type of cremation, and one must choose accordingly. Also, unless the deceased has specified the type of cremation in a will, bereaved family members are left with the task of making the decision themselves.

In this article, we aim to provide an overview of the different types of cremation services available in Australia. Only then can you decide which cremation arrangement is suitable and what to expect.

The Various Types of Australian Cremation Services

Picking funeral plan options is undoubtedly intimidating, and many factors warrant consideration. This includes arrangements for visitations, memorials, funeral service fees and urns, to name a few. To avoid having to deal with unnecessary expenses from unscrupulous parties that may seek to take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the matter.

Consider the following options:

  • Traditional funeral services can be followed by cremation which likewise includes public viewing
  • Memorial service includes a funeral service without the body present. In some instances, an urn which holds the deceased person’s ashes is present throughout the funeral service.
  • Direct Cremation in Sydney is a funeral service that requires immediate cremation of the body. The cremated ashes are offered to the family without visitation, viewing, or funeral service.

Why choose direct cremation?

One of the main reasons people pick cremation is that they are more affordable. This is among the more obvious reasons. Many funeral costs can be easily prevented with cremation services. 

While some families that opt for Australian Cremation services may still decide to buy a coffin, that is not required. Also, caskets can cost hundreds of dollars which adds to the cost. Also, there is no need to purchase a burial plot. All of these costs are part of a traditional funeral that can be avoided with cremation services.

Another factor for choosing a cremation service is that it is greener and eco-friendly alternative. With the focus on doing what is good for the environment being spread throughout society, people are brainstorming every way possible to minimise their eco-footprint. This includes, among other things, reducing the use of land for entombment as well as the chemicals used for embalming. Cremation is also environment-friendly as fewer trees need to be cut down and turned into caskets.

Some would argue that cremation services are not qualified to be a green method because of using nonrenewable fuel sources to cremate the body. Nevertheless, many think about cremation services to be the most eco-friendly of all funeral alternatives.

Last but not least, some would think of cremation as a source of freedom. There’s a sense of setting the soul free from its mortal confines and difficulties of the world. People who have this perception typically desire to spread their ashes in places that are memorable for them. Direct cremation offers you such freedoms and at the same time, lessen the burden on the environment and the people you leave behind.


Edward Powell