A Web Based Conversion System

A Web Based Conversion System

In the non-stop hustle of modern life, people are always looking for ways to multitask. Hop onto any train in Sydney (assuming it arrives) and you’ll see a gaggle of people reading, either on internet devices or old fashioned printouts, catching up on the latest news. This works well if you are sitting on public transport, but what about if you are driving/bike riding/walking? AnyConv hopes to help out.

AnyConv is an online file converting site, which allows you to convert files, regardless of the computer you are using. So rather than reading that TPS report as you’re driving, you can use AnyConv to convert it to an mp3, and play it through your stereo.

We tested the system out, and although the robotic voice of AnyConv won’t soothe any wailing infants, it is very understandable. We didn’t feed through any hardcore documents full of complex terms, but if it is anything like previous versions of text to speak, there may be some hiccups.

With yet another system to make our lives easier, it begs the question: does another gadget really make our lives easier? Are you really going to appreciate the subtly of that SEO report if it is read to you as you battle peak hour traffic? Leave a comment if you can think of a convenient time to use this service…

David Lockhart