Advantages and Disadvantages of Fake Grass

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fake Grass

The home with a beautiful lawn looks very attractive. The pretty lawn can increase the life and value of the home. When it comes to keeping the lawn elegant and charming without any hassle then the fake grass is popular for this. Installing fake grass is the easiest and best way to give beauty to the lawn. Fake grass has been improved so much that you will have problems differentiating the real from the fake grass. So if you are looking to make your lawn green and save money and time then you should install artificial grass. No one is perfect and everything has some dark sides. The advantages and disadvantages of fake grass are as follows.


  • Pet-Friendly

Fake grass can provide a pet-friendly turf in the home. In real grass where the grass can be spoiled and dug out by pets, it will not happen in the fake grass. Neither the fake grass will dig out nor it will spoil. This grass stays unaffected by pet’s waste and it is very easy to clean. With the use of water and pet-friendly products, you can clean the pet’s waste.

  • No Maintenance

If you are a busy person then the fake grass is something that you should install. Natural grass requires water and trimming to be in their original shape.  On the other hand the fake grass does not need watering and trimming. It will be in their original shape without any maintenance.

  • No need of Gardner

Those who are not at home often and have hired a gardener for the care of the natural grass can get beneficial from the fake grass. After the installation of the artificial turf, you do not have to hire the gardener anymore. The grass will look charming and visually appealing without any care.

  • Budget-Friendly

Fake grass can be proved as a budget-friendly option. In case of natural grass, there will be need to spend on fertilizers, expensive machinery, pesticides, rakes and weed killers etc. Whereas the fake grass frees people from the hassle of future expenses.



  • Allergic Grass

Artificial grass is made up of synthetic materials. In some cases, artificial grass can be bad for the health and environment. So this grass may release gas and it is not a sensible option if you or any family member is suffering from allergy.

  • Not a Fun Project

Some people feel fun and love to look after and maintain natural grass. Fake grass is not a suitable option for them. Such people may see fake grass as cheating.

  • Hot Turf

Another drawback of fake grass is that the fake grass can change into hot turf from the sun heat. If you are living in the city where the temperature is hot then the fake turf can get hot. Spraying the grass with cold water will be the best solution to this problem.

Bonnie Baldwin