Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics

Tepastex appeals to many sectors with its fabric options.

There are production sites for awning fabrics, furniture fabrics, fleece fabrics and many other fabric types. Tepastex, which is a pioneer in its sector in the world and in our country, provides completely corporate service.

The fabric contents are produced in a very high-quality structure.

Thanks to this liquid-proof feature, awning fabrics that are resistant to cold weather conditions and suitable for long-term use are among the products demanded by many sectors.

Awning fabric options are used in areas such as cafes, parks, gardens, as awnings or canopy, as well as in areas such as tents, vehicle protectors, organization solutions.

Tepastex company provides quality service to its customers with its well-established experience and experience in the products it produces and sells.

Tepastex, which provides professional service in all processes from the production staff to the sales staff, who evaluates the demands of the customers well, analyzes the areas to be used and proposes solutions, is one of the most demanded brands in the sector.

Our company has been working with Tepastex for awning fabric solutions for many years. In addition to fabric qualities, we prefer Tepastex because of their designs in awning fabric models, different color options, working on a project basis and responding to special sizes and special printing options.

You can easily examine the products produced and offered for sale by the company on the website. You can directly contact the sales personnel for your projects. They provide a price offer by analyzing on-site.

When we examine the prices, saw that, they have very reasonable costs compared to the product quality.

Bonnie Baldwin