Baby Monitors & Radiation: What you need to know about it?

Baby Monitors & Radiation: What you need to know about it?

Before you buy a baby monitor, you must be aware of radiation that will produce by the device. Most of today’s baby monitors use WIFI or electromagnetic network to transmit the data. Somehow, the radiation produced may be small and it is not a serious threat to your baby. However, you still have to consider it important to avoid any health issues.

How does a baby monitor work?

A baby monitor is actually a kind of device that uses a camera to record your baby activities. It will record everything while the data will be transmitted to you through a monitor. There are actually two types of baby monitors, they are wired baby monitor and wireless baby monitor. A wired baby monitor does not transmit data through electromagnetic waves because it uses a cable to transfer the data. Meanwhile, a wireless baby monitor uses a wifi network to send information and data digitally. This type of baby monitor produces more emissions than the wired baby monitor. So, if you want to keep your baby safe, it is important to keep it distant.

What are the effects of the radiation?

In this modern era, nobody can avoid radiation of electromagnetic waves because it is everywhere starting from radio FM, cellular network, analog TV, wifi, Bluetooth, internet, and much more. It may be dangerous for humans in general. Whether you are using a baby monitor or not, your babies may still get exposed to other radiation that you use at home.

What will happen to babies when they are exposed to microwave radiation? According to research, any kind of radio frequencies may cause cancer. People who use a wireless device may get 4 times more risk of brain cancer development. It includes the baby monitor device that uses a wireless signal. Many parents do not want to use baby monitors because of this reason. But, some parents still use it because the effect is not too dangerous. Somehow, they also think that their babies still get exposed to radiation despite they do not use a baby monitor.

How to limit radiation exposure?

Though wireless baby monitor may be dangerous due to the radiation, you can still limit its exposure by taking several actions. For example, you can only use the baby monitor if you think that it is needed. You can use the VOX mode to turn off the radiation emission while you still can monitor your baby through voice activation. You can also use a wired baby monitor that does not produce radiation, but it has fewer features. All and all, when you are buying a wireless baby monitor, you have to check the product and choose the lowest radiation baby monitor.

Finally, those are a few things that you would know about baby monitor and radiation. When you choose a wireless baby monitor, you cannot avoid its radiation, but you can keep it distant from the baby so that you can limit the radiation. Most importantly, you have to check the product before buying it and make sure it produces low radiation.

Edward Powell