Bedside Table And More: 3 Types Of Tables I Have At Home

Many people love to go out of their homes, but I am the opposite. I love staying inside my place, even if I am alone. So to ensure that my stay is comfortable, I buy the things I need at home. I go to a grocery store to purchase food and cleaning tools or open my internet to do the task online. But I also do not forget furniture and appliances to complete the looks of my home. I bought a round coffee table in Singapore and partnered it with a sofa. I also spent money on a refrigerator and air conditioner to complete my kitchen and bedroom. But if there is one thing people know about me, I love buying tables for my home because they have many uses.


When I visit the homes of a family or a friend, I always check their tables. They get my interest, especially if they are somewhere always seen by people. I consider the type of table and the materials used to make it. Aside from a round coffee table, I am also interested in others I will see in the market. Because of my interest in tables, here are the different types I have at home:


I bought a bedside table in Singapore because I needed something in my room to put my books and eyeglasses after reading. This table completed the look of my bedroom, especially my bed, so I did not regret buying it. I chose the one with drawers to put more things I would need. If they are precious to me, it is where I place them.


I mentioned having a coffee table. But what I bought was a round glass coffee table in Singapore. I wanted this item because even if it is glass, there are no corners to worry about, keeping my safety. If I trip accidentally, I do not need to think of getting injured because of furniture corners. But of course, it is better to be careful with everything I do.


I bought a console table in Singapore and placed it beside my front door. It is where I put my keys and bag before staying in the living room or my bedroom. I also placed a flower vase on it to give it some life. The one I have does not have a drawer because I wanted to make it look minimalist and simple. I also have one near the kitchen for other things I need to keep.

These types of tables are the ones I always treasure in my home because they are pleasing to look at if there are flowers, lamps, and books on top of them. They make my house look classy, especially if it matches other furnishings like chairs and sofas. Good thing I did not overlook the website where I bought my round coffee table because the store provided everything I needed. I visited the website of Soul & Tables to check more of their offers.

Nicholas Jansen