Beginners Instruction To Make the best Pour Over Coffee

Beginners Instruction To Make the best Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is the new trend in coffee shops. This coffee brewing method is also known as the ‘Manual filter coffee”, introduced by the Japanese. The method istrendy, so you might want to know how it’s done!

Pour Over Coffee

You can’t be perfect overnight. 

Brewing your coffee is simple, but learning how to manually brew your coffee takes some time. Mastering this art requires determination and eagerness, and of course, you need to be patient.  

The question is: Why is Pour over coffee so loved by everyone? 

It gets you in control of how your coffee tastes. You can make it stronger, or lighter according to your desire. Once you try it, you’ll feel the difference between pour over coffee and the traditional ways of making coffee.

Create a coffee filter: 

It requires a filter, a pour over coffee machine, and coffee.

Precisely, you just pour over some water over the freshly ground coffee. The coffee drip down onto the cup, extracting the flavor from the coffee bed on the filter. Easy? It seems so, but still we didn’t tell you the right ingredient. 

Grind your beans perfectly: 

Coffee lovers would go through struggles to have the best coffee, selecting the best coffee beans. Similarly, choosing the perfect grinder is essential. Particularly, if you are going for hand filtered coffee. 

People would either grind their coffee too fine, that makes the water flow slowly through the coffee bed (takes time). Or, if you grind it less, the granules are large and the water flows faster. 

The perfect grind is neither too fine nor coarse but something in between. For this you’ll need a grinder that is just the perfect size. 

That’s about the perfect grind, now to the steps to make some coffee. 

Steps to Make Pour Over Coffee

Make the best pour over coffee following the steps:

  1. Heat water upto 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for the water to boil and then stop heating. Wait for 30 seconds before brewing. It is recommended to use an electric kettle that keep the water temperature constant.
  2. Keep the ratio of the water and coffee in balance. A recommended balance is 18 grams of water for 1 gram of coffee. But you can also use different ratios and see what you like the best. 
  3. Rinse your filter paper before using it to avoid any flavor of the paper to pass through.
  4. Grinding your coffee is an important step. Grind it finer and get more flavor along with some bitterness. Grind it less and get a sweet cup of coffee with less flavor extracted. 
  5. Now you are ready to pour some water, there are two steps to this:
  • Bloom: You can pour a little amount of water on the coffee bed and let it soak water. The grounded coffee would swell and bubble, wait for 30 seconds.
  • Brew: Now you can pour the water in the desired amount. 

Some Tips:

Make sure to grind you coffee well, use different ratios and keep notes so you know which one had the best taste. Keep practicing until you get the best the flavor.

Don’t ignore the tools for making a coffee, a filter, a perfectly sized grinder, and scales to measure coffee and water ratios, a special electric kettle to get the optimal temperature. Also a thermometer and serving vessel. To get brewing methods for coffee visit

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