Best Gadgets for 2020

Best Gadgets for 2020

If you have planned to change something in your life during this year, it is still not too late. Fortunately, nowadays we have so many gadgets that can help us accomplish any mission that we start. Yet, at the same time, the volume of new gadget releases is overwhelming for most people. So here are 5 gadgets that will improve your new year and won’t be a hassle for you! Choosing gifts for the new year 2020 for family and friends, do not forget the popularity of modern and elegant gadgets.

1.  Smart Coffee and Tea Maker

Hot beverages are one of the best ways to start a day, especially during cold summer months. What a person drinks in the morning and how much they actually enjoy the drink can have a great effect on not only their mood but also the overall day. With a smart coffee/tea maker, you don’t have to worry about sleepily doing something wrong and you can also set up a timer for the gadget for when you want your coffee to be made on a daily basis.

2.  Heads Up Display

Cars are an essential part of our lives and a car heads up display will make that part even more enjoyable. The main function of this gadget is to display important information in the driver’s line of view. The tool can also be connected to the driver’s smartphone giving them access to phone calls, music, text messages, and GPS applications. A HUD car device is also very simple to install and use for anyone. The device can also be controlled by hand gestures making the experience even more pleasant.

3.  Expandable Suitcase

If traveling was one of your New Year’s resolutions, you decided to travel more or you’ve always had a knack for it, investing in an expandable suitcase might be the best idea for you. We all know that different trips require different belongings and attires and the clothes you might pack on your weekly trip to Hawaii is not the same as the one for a mountain climbing adventure and for all of this you need different sized bags and suitcases. Obviously you could buy more than one suitcase of different colors, yet, that would be a waste of both space and money. This is exactly why an expandable suitcase would be the ideal option for almost everyone.

4.  Fitness Tracker

Health, despite being overlooked so often, is an extremely important part of a person’s life and being active and fit is a vital contributor to a person’s overall health. This is why it is important to keep track of your healthy and unhealthy habits in the day to day life. Fitness trackers are similar to smartwatches in appearance, however, these gadgets are able to maintain their battery lives for days. It also tracks burnt calories, steps, heart rate, and sleep. A fitness tracker can also be used to set small personal goals and overcome them.

5.  Blue Light for Sleep

Lack of sleep is a big issue which in turn causes many serious issues. However, knowing this many people find themselves awake at night not able to shut off their minds and go to sleep. This can be caused by many things such as stress, medication, certain conditions, however, the main remedy is blue light. By turning on the gadget that releases the light and focusing on it, users show signs of falling asleep much faster and hence get better quality sleep. An investment into a blue light is a good investment for both mental and physical strength.

Bonnie Baldwin