Best Golf Hats

Best Golf Hats


Many people believe that professional golfers wear hats to rep products or be stylish but did you know that a golfers hat serves many different purposes. A hat on a golfer can be stylish but it can also be helpful for keeping the sun off of their face and reducing glare.

Along with that, it can help keep their face from getting sunburned and help their body cool more efficiently. Hats can be made in many different styles and many different fabrics depending on what the wearer is wanting. Check out these few great styles of golfing hats.

Travis Mathew B-Bahamas Golf Cap

The first on the list of wholesale golf caps is the Travis Mathew Bahamas Golf cap. This cap is largely polyester followed by cotton. This construction allows for breathe-abliity. This concoction of construction also allows for stain resistance. Everyone has seen a golfer or person with the hat with the sweat stain around the head.

That’s kind of gross and basically ruins a cap. This blend of polyester and cotton allows for stain resistance against this. Another great aspect to the construction of this hat is the flex fit back. This allows for the fit to be better on any sized head. The final and best touch is the Travis Mathew logo that is embroidered on the front. Stylish, comfortable and moisture wicking is this great Travis Mathew hat.

NIKE TW AeroBill Classic 99

NIKE is well known in the sports business. From shoes to athletic wear, NIKE has always provided high quality and stylish clothing. NIKE also provides many different sports with sporting equipment from balls to hockey sticks.

One great product they produce is there AeroBill hat. It is equipped with dry fit technology to help reduce the sweat drip into your eyes as well as help your body cool efficiently. It also wicks moisture from your head. It also has laser perforation which is basically really small holes to help air flow across your head. This hat comes in a couple different sizes to help enable a better fit. Check out this great product on the list of wholesale golf caps.

Callaway Golf 2018 Mesh Fitted Hat

For a product with optimum air flow, check out his mesh fitted hat. This Callaway hat is also super stylish with the Callaway logo embroidered on the front. Along with that, it also has fitted sizes making finding the right fit much easier.

Along with that, this is the most inexpensive of the fitted hats. However, you wont give up style or functionality just because of a cheaper price tag. Callaway has always offered great products to the golfing industry and the same goes for this hat. This hat also has a little smaller profile design. Therefore, you will still get protection from the sun while still being able to see a wide profile around you. Check out this great hat.


The sun can be hot and exhausting on a long day of playing golf, but with the right hat you will be able to ensure that you stay as cool as possible. Whether you’re looking for temperature cool or stylish cool, these three hats can help you get there.

From the classic NIKE hat with cool technology to the Callaway low priced hat for stylish cool, you won’t be disappointed no matter what hat you choose. Lastly, the Travis Mathews hat is stylish, affordable and offers cooling technology. At the end of the day, golfers wear their hats for more than just style and product advertising, you should wear one too!

Bonnie Baldwin