Careful Preparation Is The Key To The Successful Installation Of Resin Bound Driveway

Careful Preparation Is The Key To The Successful Installation Of Resin Bound Driveway

Installing one’s driveway has been made simple and easy these days with the help of resign driveway kits. Not everyone that makes use of these kits manage to complete the installation process successfully. Some do manage to get exceptional results with their DIY driveway installation efforts. If you were to review why some happen to get the best results whilst the others have limited success, you would notice that the difference is in the preparation that one makes prior to the installation of the driveway.

Not everyone comes with the prior experience in installing their resin bound patio. Due to the lack of experience, one may not know how to go about the preparation process and how to make the entire project work. Here are a few important guidelines on factors that matter the most. 

The right quantity of the paving materials should be purchased. First measure the area that needs to be covered and look at the manufacturer’s specifications on the total area every pack or unit is likely to cover. If you have already used a different brand of driveway material, you should not go by the previous brand because each brand will have different specifications of the gravel used and as a result, the coverage area will also vary from one brand to the other. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to the current manufacturer’s specifications when sourcing your materials. 

When calculating the driveway materials you should take into consideration the total depth that you are required to pave. This will vary again based on the application. For paving patios, it would be sufficient to pave 15mm deep surfaces. On the other hand, if you are paving driveways you need to calculate for a depth of 18mm, which means you will require more paving material. Often issues emerge during the paving process due to the wrong calculation of the paving material requirements.

Cleaning the driveway or the patio area is very crucial to ensure strong bonding. If there are chemical spills or oil spills in the existing driveway or in the patio, you need to clean the surface of such contaminants. Oil spills and chemical spills could interfere with the resin and affect their strength while setting. You may need to consider a power-wash in such instances to get rid of the chemical and oil residues from the surface. If it is otherwise a clean driveway or patio then basic sweeping will be sufficient. 

If you happen to pave a driveway that is damaged then there could be differences in the level of the driveways. Before you start installing the entire driveway, you need to first address those damaged areas and create a levelled surface. If you are packing the damaged areas with some other materials then it is important that it is firm and that it is not shaky. Always spread the driveway material on a firm and leveled surface to get the best results. 

Nicholas Jansen