Choosing the right label style for your product

Choosing the right label style for your product

Stickers or labels are applied to any product or packaging across industries and are a significant part of identifying the product and providing helpful information. Stickers give the details like the name of the product, the materials, the brand name, the contents, their weight, price, and other factors. While this is required information, a label may also include fascinating factor characteristics about the product. Customizing labels in specific colors, forms, or sizes is entirely dependent on the product’s kind and the brand. The shape of the label can be chosen based on the product and the packet or jars sizes. The labels generally come in various shapes, including rectangular, oval, triangular, round, etc. Here is what you must think about when you are choosing label shapes. If you need a sticker printer supplier, check out sticker printer supplier Malaysia.

Selecting the correct label shape

Since the first impression of a product or brand depends on the label, the level must be developed as per the product. This holds true for all industries and products. Regardless of whether the label is being used for packing food or industrial equipment, the label can introduce a certain impression in the eyes of the purchaser. Therefore, it must be very well-designed. While the information and other mandatory details on the label are critical, the proportion shape of the label also impacts how purchasers relate to the goods. Therefore, picking the proper shape is crucial. Here are some ideas to help you.

  • The shape and dimension of the label must correspond to the product packaging. It should not be excessively large or too little.
  • The labels may be curbed at specific angles, while others may have round shapes compared to traditional geometric shapes. Some tags may resemble a flower while others may resemble raindrops etc. The list keeps going.
  • Depending on the industry type, the label can leave an impression. For example, in the food sector, there is a wide range of products available that provide varying tastes.
  • Most people associate sweet flavors with roundtables; therefore, using a round or oval-shaped level for sweet goods is preferable.
  • On the other hand, coffee, dark chocolate, and other food items can benefit from labels that feature angles and bends.
  • In the case of cosmetics packaging, the labels used are mostly square or rectangular shape. This is because they are typically packaged in jars or bottles. Furthermore, a lot of information needs to be present on the label, like the chemical formulation and however materials used in making the product which can take a lot of space. Check out CNC router Malaysia if you want to cut vinyl labels.
  • Drugs have a square-shaped or rectangular label because there is a lot of information to be placed.

Whatever product you’re selling, you can use these ideas to figure out how your label should look. You can change the look and shape of the tag depending on the product to match the same shape.

David Lockhart