Choosing Your Smart Options for Betting

Choosing Your Smart Options for Betting

When you win, separate the profit and start over with the same starting bet, which is $ 2. Only when your bankroll grows between 25% and 30% can you raise your base bet.

What are the major problems with the martingale method?

If you are an attentive person, you may have realized that a losing streak, a bad luck, is enough for you to suffer a great loss. In addition, gambling sites often limit bets to a certain ceiling. So if you start betting with $ 50, if the site limits you to $ 3000, after the 6th consecutive loss you will already be limited. this way you will not be able to use the martingale method. Another big problem is that depending on the losing streak you face, you are risking huge proportions in order to win that minimum amount you bet back in the first place. There come the best deals with now.

Be very careful with this method

Just as a company manages its finances and keeps an eye on its budget to withstand cash fluctuations to secure its year-end profits, so does an organized family put their bills at the “tip of the pencil” to make that trip In summer holidays, to become a profitable gambler it is essential that you know how to manage bankroll efficiently. Even though it is a very important subject, few gamblers give the necessary attention. But what is it for anyway?

Why do banking management?

Basically, the idea is to dampen your losses and set the stage for sustainable gains. After all, when we win we want to earn more and more, and when we lose, we want that value to be as low as possible. The problem is that in a gambler’s life there are moments of continuous gain, as well as lean periods, called bad runs, which is when we follow a losing trend that can reduce our bankroll. In other words, bankroll management helps you survive these times, not only by selecting the right value of your bankroll and the units to be wagered, but also by preventing you from losing all of your bankroll.

Banking Management for Those Starting Now

If you are starting to bet now, you do not have a betting history yet that will allow you to design the best bankroll management strategy for you, so here is a tip for you that is starting:

When you make your 1st deposit, set a budget just for betting and stick to it. This will allow you to analyze your results.

Start betting one unit per bet, the value of the unit can be between 2% and 5% of your total bankroll. So if your bankroll is $ 200, you set each unit to $ 4 if your profile is more conservative, or $ 10 if you don’t mind risking a little more.


David Lockhart