Daum PotPlayer: The Best Video Player for Windows

Daum PotPlayer: The Best Video Player for Windows

A lot of effective video players exist, all of which are good go-to options for streaming videos on Windows devices. However, if you are to choose the best among them all, we would highly recommend using PotPlayer because of its advanced features, seamless performance, and its ability to play anything.

Daum PotPlayer

Platform: Windows

Price: Free


  • Can stream any video format known to exist
  • Supports damaged or incomplete AVI files (by skipping the damaged parts)
  • Extremely lightweight and smooth
  • Can resume from you stopped previously
  • Keyboard shortcuts for anything including zoom, volume, seek, brightness, contrast, and subtitle resyncing.
  • Robust support for subtitles including video formats like OGM, MKV, MP4, MOV integrated with subtitles and ass and SAA formats
  • Can apply video filters like post-processing, deinterlacing, de-noise and provide users with fully customised playbacks
  • Comes with features like a video equaliser which lets you adjust the video’s contrast, brightness, hue, and everything else.


This application shines due to its immense features and settings. Users can tweak about anything in the videos, from adjusting contrast and brightness to deinterlacing and post-processing, they can get the best playback possible using PotPlayer. No matter what is the quality of your video, you can always make it better. Above all the facilities it offers, it’s available for free and comes in a lightweight version. PotPlayer has got lots of shortcuts and mouse controls and an easy interface, making it usable for less tech-savvy people also.

Shortcomings of PotPlayer

Just is the case with most other advanced applications, even PotPlayer’s strength is its weakness. Wading through the checkbox filled settings menu is something no one wants to do. Even if you are an extremely tech-savvy person, finding out your required settings would take some time. Another shortcoming is this application is comparatively new, so there are chances that one might face a few bugs while using it. Lastly, being a Korean application, there are remains of Korea here and there, but that won’t cause any hindrance in using this application.

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Lastly, we would like to emphasize that there’s nothing called a perfect video player that would work for every operating system. Like music players, people have their most preferred video players too. It’s a personal choice, which varies from person to person. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section below.

Nicholas Jansen