Daycare Fundraising Tips

Daycare Fundraising Tips

Fundraising is any campaign or event hosted to primarily raise money for a cause or charity work. Most families in the USA are hardly coping with the ever-increasing cost of daycare. This increase in cost is inevitable as the cost to operate a daycare institution also increases. To deal with the burden of expensive daycare programs, parents turn to organize daycare fundraisers. Daycare fundraisers do not need to be complex and costly. There are many fundraising ideas to choose from. The vital factor is to get as many supporters and volunteers to help out. Moreover, daycare fundraisers must exhibit fun and excitement for the kids to enjoy.

Holiday-themed daycare fundraiser can bring fun not only to children but adults as well. Below is a list of some holiday-themed daycare fundraisers that you can host.

  1. Face Painting
  2. Pumpkin Carving
  3. Gift Wrapping Stand
  4. Easter Egg Hunt
  5. Calendar Artwork

Children will love a face painting day for a daycare fundraiser. This fundraiser will only need a few paintbrushes and face paints. Volunteer artists from the community will be asked to do the face painting. To raise funds, you will charge a fee for each child who wants a face paint. This daycare fundraiser can be hosted on almost any holiday season. During Halloween, kids will be painted with monster-like designs.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit

Speaking of Halloween, a pumpkin carving event is one daycare fundraiser to consider. Kids may participate but carving tools may inflict injury to children. For the participating kids, they shall be assisted with adults. You may provide all the materials needed including in the carving event. You may get pumpkin carving designs online for free. Putting up a concession stand on the side will bring more money to your daycare fundraiser.

Putting up a gift-wrapping stand for a daycare fundraiser will be very timely during the Christmas season. Tons of gifts are given yearly during Christmas and this could bring in a lot of cash to a daycare fundraiser. The concept is simple as you just have to choose a location, put up a stand, and purchase necessary materials such as gift wraps, adhesive tapes and a reliable pair of scissors. You may charge a fee depending on how large is the gift to be wrapped. The key is to emphasize that you are doing gift wrapping for a cause. This will help attract people in your community to support your fundraiser.

Easter egg hunting is popular not just in the USA but also across the globe. Did you know that this can be an exciting and fun way for a daycare fundraiser? While this fundraiser may need some time to prepare, asking the help of some friends, and family lightens the effort to exert for the campaign. Easter egg hunt is typically done outdoors so make sure the area for the hunt is safe and secured for children. It is highly suggested to have a fenced area for the event. Materials used in this kind of daycare fundraiser can be bought in cheap – plastic eggs and some small prizes would not cost you a fortune. To get the needed fund for your fundraiser, a fee for participants will be collected. Just make sure to properly account your expenses so you may know how much fee must be charged to the participants. You would want to ensure that the fees collected will match your target amount to raise.

Daycare institutions often have art activities for kids. By making use of the children’s artwork, you may start a calendar artwork for a daycare fundraiser. Calendar artwork is best during the Christmas season or the New Year. Artwork made by kids in your local daycare can be made into beautiful calendars. Simply take digital images of the artwork and upload them to an online program that lets you create customized calendars. You can sell these calendars to raise your target fund. You may also ask some local bookstores or convenience stores to sell your calendars. You may offer participating stores a small percentage from the sale.

Any daycare fundraiser will succeed depending on several factors. Promotion plays a vital role in getting more supporters. There are many promotional materials to use like flyers and posters. The use of social media is a better option if you want to reach more supporters. You may post your daycare fundraiser to any social media of your choice. Your single post could reach many people simply by asking friends to share your daycare fundraiser campaign. The use of social media will not cost you anything, unlike the old traditional promotional materials.

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