Different Shapes of Flash Lamps

Different Shapes of Flash Lamps

Flash lamps refer to light sources that typically produce microsecond to millisecond duration pulses of broadband light. The broadband light produced by flash lamps is usually of high radiant intensities and repetition rates. Flash lamps exist in two significant forms only: xenon and krypton flash lamps. However, the flash lamps come in various shapes and are capable of a wide range of applications and integrations. Listed below are some of the shapes in which flash lamps exist.

U-Shape Flash Lamps

Ideal for circular reflector applications, U-shape flash lamps tend to be available in a wide range of standard sizes. These flash lamps, full of envelope materials to suit quite a good number of applications, are known to perform optimally. If you’re looking for one that is ideal for high-power applications, you ought to look for one with Quartz envelopes. If searching for one ideal for low-power applications, you should look for one made up of hard glass or borosilicate envelopes.

Helical Shape Flash Lamps

Unlike U-shape flash lamps available in a variety of standard sizes, helical shape flash lamps tend to be available in a few standard sizes. These flash lamps are known to be ideal for circular reflector applications. It is worth noting that as a helical flash lamp requires massive glass forming, the lamp’s envelope material is predominantly limited to borosilicate glass. It’s also worth noting that as a helical flash lamp is easily customized, you can quickly get one that best suits your interest.

Linear Shape Flash Lamps

Linear shape flash lamps exist in a wide range of lengths. These flash lamps also exist in an array of diameters and materials. Given that they exist in various forms, it comes as no surprise that they perform a wide variety of functions. However, it’s essential to note that they are mostly suitable for high-volume and economy-conscious applications. Unlike helical shape flash lamps, linear shape flash lamps require pretty minimal glass forming.

Ring Shape Flash Lamps

Ring shape flash lamps exist in a few standard sizes. Just like other flash lamps, ring flash lamps with quartz envelopes are ideal for high-power applications. In contrast, the ones with hard glass or borosilicate envelopes tend to be perfect for less rigorous applications. Given that they can be customized to meet specific requirements, you need not worry about lacking one that suits you.

Clear Fused Quartz Flash Lamps

Clear fused quartz flash lamps tend to be flooded in the market. This is because such lamps tend to deliver optimal performances. Unknown to many, many flash lamps pumped laser systems often use lamps made from clear fused quartz. If in need of a flash lamp suited for high-power, clear fused flash lamps are the ones for you.

Cerium Doped Quartz Flash Lamps

It’s a well-known fact that cerium-doped quartz flash lamps usually are quite reliable. This is because these lamps are made using very stable materials. Given that they’re quite dependable and pretty affordable, purchasing one would be a wise financial decision.

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