Discovering the Best Loan Options in Germany Now

Discovering the Best Loan Options in Germany Now

Nobody gives you credit? It may sound silly, but almost always, it’s good for you. There is certainly a reason for this. And she is that you probably can’t afford another loan. What to do? We will give you some specific and useful tips that most of you will not like, but you will surely be pleased with the results in the long run. You can consult the German lender  for this work.

It is good that you have decided to fight to get out of the trap you are in, but your fight should not be for new credit. We are sure you won’t get one. There are several things we can advise you:

  1. Increase your income.

Try to find additional sources of income – extra hourly work or something else that is right for you. It is best in the grey sector so that your salary is not paused. There are many options. They are not prestigious and pleasant, but I do not think that is the purpose in this case. You will work 12-15 hours instead of 8, but this is the price you have to pay for reckless borrowing. This can take a year or more until you can clear some of the credits. But there will surely be a result.

  1. Reduce your costs

Reduce them sharply to the absolute minimum. Cut off everything you canm,  cigarettes, fun, entertainment, clothes. Save electricity, food and clothing. If you live for rent, look for an option to move, for a while, to family or friends.

Forget about some entertainment and entertainment that costs money. Replace them with free ones. Sport is always a good choice and can be completely free – running, street fitness or home exercise, walking in the parks or in the mountains. As a result, you will be healthier and look better.

  1. Sell everything unnecessary

We do not mean superfluous, but everything you do not need. These are telephone, TV, computer, and most of all a car, if you have one. It also includes jewellery, watches or other expensive items that you do not need. Do it as quickly as possibleespecially if you have a car. Maintaining it is a huge expense. You can replace it with a bicycle to move around and also sport.

The lesson

We can draw some very useful lessons from this story, both for borrowers and for investors in such:

  1. Lending is irresponsible

We don’t know how a minimum wage person can get 13 quick loans and 2 bank loans without any property! The total contribution is 3 times more than his provable income. Don’t know what credit standards we’re talking about?!? Especially in the case of banks that do not offer loans with an APR of 49% as fast.

  1. Taking credit for repatriation is not a decision

Going into a credit spiral is easy, getting out is difficult and painful. Demonstrating an unrealistically high standard of living is not a good idea. The short time you spend money that is not yours will pay you long for deprivation to get back on your feet.

David Lockhart