Dos’s and don’ts of pet treat food:

Dos’s and don’ts of pet treat food:

It’s very important to add activities in the life of your pet, especially if you are the owner of a dog. As dogs need daily at least one hour activity in order to eliminate the feeling of sickness to your dog. There are some dog treats foods that are typically made in order to fulfil the portion of protein as well as they are now coming in different artificial flavors. But still there is a capacity to improve, dog food Manufacturers have to work on producing some kind of treat meal which is a combination of balance proportion of protein, vitamin, mineral, fat and carbs. There are a few brands that focus on all of these above ingredients but they are a bit expensive than other ordinary treat food. These brands use 100% natural ingredients without adding any chemicals or artificial flavor that can somehow affect the health of your pet.

Avoid buying high calories treat food:

High calories are harmful to both human bodies as well as animals. Avoid giving your pet too many calories as it will not only add some extra fat to their body but also cause some serious health issues. Remember to read instructions before buying any treat food that they should not have extra calories.

Do take an allergy test before feeding them:

You should know what suits your dog; sometime an ordinary treat food can cause skin irritation and allergic reaction to their body. Go for the safest option to avoid risk of bad consequences. Many treat food producers use some chemicals to create fusion taste that will result in stomach digestive problems. Some dogs have meat allergy especially form chicken. You can find some best alternatives for chicken and beef like fish lamb and kangaroo meat.

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